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How to Register

Read these tips before beginning online registration--then click the "Start Registration" button at the bottom of the page.

Decisions to Make Before Registering

When you have made these five decisions and prepared your email inbox for our messages, expect to spend 30 minutes to register one person, and 10-15 minutes for each subsequent person.

  1. Are you attending a pre-Gathering event? You may register now and return later to add any of these events.

To register only for the New Meetings Project Retreat or the Quakers & Business Conference without attending the Gathering, telephone the Gathering office.

  1. Choose your first and second choice workshops.  Some workshops are already full, so you want to start registration knowing your second choice.
  2. Choose housing and a meal plan for each person. 
  3. Full-time, half-time, or part-time? On-campus housing is only available for full-time and half-time registrants. High School and Junior Gathering participants must be full-time and attend the entire Gathering.
  4. Arrival date. The Gathering begins Sunday June 29. Friends are welcome to arrive as early as Friday June 27. Read the conditions for High School early arrivals.
  5. Volunteering? All Gathering attenders can sign up for a variety of volunteer tasks at the Lend-a-Hand table at the Gathering. The registration form gives you an opportunity to sign up for some tasks in advance. See our volunteer job list for advance options.

Allow Gathering Email

Keep our emails out of your spam folder!

The Gathering office uses email to communicate critical information to attenders! Please make sure our emails will get to you by telling your email client to allow all emails originating from the following domains. (CVENT is the registration software we use.)

The email could come from different specific senders at FGC or CVENT.  Perhaps your email client will recognize  *  and * to indicate that you want all emails from FGC and CVENT.

Click here to see instructions for adding FGC email addresses in various email applications.  For Gmail users read our step by step instructions.

Having trouble with these instructions? Found a better way? Let us know!

Specific Registration Tips

  1. Take two deep breaths before selecting SAVE AND NEXT at the bottom of each page of the registration form.
    While you wait, you may see some new questions appear!

  2. Steps to ensure your return to an incomplete registration.  If you must leave your registration for more than 30 minutes before it is complete (1) click SAVE  and (2) then close your browser window.  About an hour later you will receive an email with a link that allows you to resume your registration anytime in the following week.   You must enter exactly the same name, email and contact type (age group) that you entered the first time.

  3. Click SAVE at the bottom of the registration page before going to look up information on the FGC website before continuing to the next page on your registration form, be sure to first

  4. Having difficulty completing your registration? Answer questions to the best of your ability, complete the registration, and call or e-mail the Gathering Office to modify your registration (e.g., change an answer, add a person, add a shuttle).  Or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about completing and paying registration.

  5. How to modify your complete registration. You may return to your complete registration to change housing and meals (until May 31), add airport/train/bus shuttles (until June 10), or to make other changes (until May 31). Read more.

  6. Purchase a seat on an Airport, Bus or Train Shuttle when registering, or contact us by June 10 to add shuttles. You must provide your detailed travel information at the time you purchase a seat on a shuttle. No shuttle reservations can be accepted after June 10.

  7. All early meals eaten in the Cal U cafeteria must be added to your registration no later than June 10. There are very few refrigerators on campus.  There are convenience stores and a few very simple restaurants 1/2 mile away.

You Only Know You've Registered When...

... you receive a confirmation email from See "allow Gathering email" to make sure you receive the confirmation.

Need help or want to register by phone? Email the Gathering staff, or call us at 215-561-1700 ext 3200 (Monday-Friday, 9:30 am-4:30 pm EST)