Registration closed Sunday, June 19.

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Who comes to YAY Gathering

YAY Gathering is an in-person event for Quaker Young Adults, Youth & Families hosted by FGC’s Junior Gathering, High School and Adult Young Friend Committees. Children, parents, youth & young adults are invited to join us in Radford, VA from July 6 – 10, 2022!

YAY Gathering will have separate sessions for each of these communities:

  • Junior Gathering (birth-rising 9th grade)
  • High School (rising 10th-graduating seniors)
  • Adult Young Friends (ages 18-37)
  • Adult Friends (for parents & sponsors of youth & children ages 0-18 at the event)

Only register for YAY Gathering if you are in one of the above communities, or FGC staff have confirmed that you have a volunteer position at YAY Gathering.

How to Register (registration closed June 19)

Read these tips before beginning online registration–then click the “Register for YAY Gathering” button at the bottom of the page.

Decisions to Make Before Registering

When you have made the decisions below and prepared your email inbox for our messages, expect to spend 30 minutes to register one person, and 10-15 minutes for each subsequent person.

Choose a room and board plan for each person: Single or double (shared) room? 2 meal or 3 meal plan? Air-conditioned or non air-conditioned housing? Read general information about housing, or see the list of fees.

Arrival Date: YAY Gathering begins Wednesday afternoon, July 6. High School staff may arrive Monday evening, July 4. Only invited volunteers, and their families or traveling companions may arrive Tuesday night, July 5.

Emergency Contact: Who do you want us to contact in the event of an emergency? We will ask you for a name and phone number.

Covid Preparedness: Have the most recent vaccination date for everyone in your family and. You and everyone in your family who is eligible need to be up to date on vaccines, prepared to take a COVID test within 72 hours of arrival to YAY Gathering, and comply with FGC’s COVID Pandemic Health and Safety Policy

Any donations: There will be an opportunity to decide whether you want to make a contribution toward YAY Gathering, the Bayard Rustin Fund, the Mahala Ashley Dickerson Fund, and/or the Green Meeting House Fund. If there is something different you had in mind for a donation, please contact the FGC Development Office.

Allow Gathering Email

Some Gathering registrants found that they missed important information because our emails went to their spam folder. We’ve made some changes to improve email delivery, but we need your help! Please take five minutes now to help us keep our emails out of your spam folder. You are not registered until you receive the Gathering registration confirmation letter!

Registration Troubleshooting

If you are having troubles registering online, don’t panic! Here are some tips:

  1. Scroll to the top of your screen to look for a red error message. If you missed answering a required question or didn’t use the required format (such as including a space or a letter when a number is required), the form won’t let you proceed to the next page.
  2. We recommend registering from a laptop or desktop, rather than from a mobile device.
  3. Try switching to a different browser or clearing your browser cache.
  4. Having trouble making a partial payment on your credit card? Click “Other – needs staff processing” as your payment option and call us with your credit card information.
  5. If you accidentally charge the wrong amount to your credit card and you already clicked “Finish”, please send us an email with the correct amount. We can issue a partial refund so that you are paying the correct amount. (Do not email your credit card number!! Just explain the error and the correct amount to charge.)
  6. If the form won’t let you finish and you can’t figure out why, email with a description of the problem.
  7. Having trouble getting through to us by phone? Many staff are working remotely at this time. Please leave a message so that we can contact you. Email is also helpful in communicating registration problems – reach Gathering staff at

Specific Registration Tips

Guests: Did you register for a recent Gathering with guests and choose to save their information? Your saved guest information can be accessed and used to register your guests! On the “Guest Information” page, click the button “Add Previous Guest” to re-use their contact information.

How to modify your complete registration. You may return to your complete registration to change your program or housing choices. Read more.

You Only Know You’ve Registered When…

… you receive a Gathering registration confirmation email from or See “allow Gathering email to make sure you receive the confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation email, contact the Gathering Office for help.

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