Registration for the in-person Gathering is now open.

Standard registration re-opened April 26, and workshops, housing, and financial aid are now be first-come first-served.

Looking for online options for Gathering registration? Learn more here, and register by June 26.

Read more about logistics and registration deadlines

Already registered and want to make a change? Follow these steps.

Before you register

Before you register, please familiarize yourself with FGC’s policy for Covid Safety at the Gathering. The FGC COVID Pandemic Health & Safety Policy is intended to break the spread of the virus, and to provide a safe and joyous environment for all to live, work, worship, and play together.

FGC is committed to resuming in-person events. We firmly believe that to prioritize the health and safety of all of our community members, we must each commit to following the rules and requirements outlined in the FGC COVID Pandemic Health & Safety Policy, including:

  • Have up-to-date vaccinations against COVID-19 (for all age 6 months and up)
  • Take two COVID tests before leaving home (24-48 hours apart)
  • Report any positive pre-event test results to FGC and cancel your registration
  • When you arrive, take a rapid test (provided by FGC)
  • Be prepared to leave the event or quarantine on site if a COVID test result is positive
  • Mask using N95, KN95, or KN94 in all indoor public spaces (except while actively eating, showering, swimming, and brushing teeth)
  • Report any positive test results to FGC within 2 weeks after the event

Learn more about Covid Safety at the Gathering or read the full FGC COVID Pandemic Health & Safety Policy, which includes explanations about our policy.

How to Register

Read “Decision to Make Before Registering” section–then click the “Register for the Gathering” button at the bottom of the page to begin online registration.
We highly recommend registering on a laptop or desktop computer rather than a tablet or mobile device.

Decisions to Make Before Registering

When you have made the decisions below and prepared your email inbox for our messages, expect to spend 30 minutes to register one person, and 15-20 minutes for each subsequent person.

Workshop choice: All adults, young adults, and high schoolers will stay in the same workshop throughout the week, Monday-Friday 9:00–11:45 AM. See workshop options here. Workshop registration is now first come-first served, and the workshop you register for now is the one you will be in at the Gathering.

Are you attending a pre-Gathering event? You may register now and return until June 8 to add any of these events.
Retreat for People of Color and their Families
School of the Spirit Ministry Retreat: Fire at the Root: Mystical Practice and the Passion for Justice
Quakers & Business Conference

Full-time, half-time, or part-time? On-campus housing is only available for full-time and half-time registrants. High School and Junior Gathering participants must be full-time and attend the entire Gathering.

Choose a room and board plan for each person: Single or double (shared) room? Hall or private bathrooms? 2 meal or 3 meal plan? Will you choose a housing cluster? Read general information about housing, or see the list of fees.

Financial aid needs: Are you able to pay the full amount, or do you need financial aid? What have you asked your meeting? What amount are you requesting from FGC? Learn more about Gathering fees and financial aid options.

Arrival Date: The Gathering begins Sunday evening, July 2. Friends are welcome to arrive as early as Saturday July 1, or Friday June 30 for pre-Gathering event attenders, invited volunteers, and their families or traveling companions. Read the conditions for High School early arrivals. (Still confused? Read more about when to arrive and travel arrangements.)

Email Address for all those you are registering. Individual email addresses are used for identification and evaluation.

  • Do you have a reliable email address? Please list addresses for each individual. This saves FGC money and time, and you can receive important Gathering information quickly.
  • Want your older children to receive correspondence directly? Put their email addresses with their name, and list your own as the “copy to” address to receive a copy of any information to them.
  • Want to receive all email for your children? List your own email address as theirs. If you want another parent or a sponsor to receive email as well, you can list that person’s address as the “cc email address”

Emergency Contact: Who do you want us to contact in the event of an emergency? We will ask you for a name and phone number.

Any donations: There will be an opportunity to decide whether you want to make a contribution toward the Gathering, the Bayard Rustin Fund, the Mahala Ashley Dickerson Fund, and/or the Green Meeting House Fund. If there is something different you had in mind for a donation, please contact the FGC Development Office.

Allow Gathering Email

Some Gathering registrants found that they missed important information because our emails went to their spam folder. We’ve made some changes to improve email delivery, but we need your help! Please take five minutes now to help us keep our emails out of your spam folder. You are not registered until you receive the Gathering registration confirmation letter!

Registration Troubleshooting

If you are having troubles registering online, don’t panic! Here are some tips:

  1. Scroll up the screen to look for a red error message. If you missed answering a required question or didn’t use the required format (such as including a space or a letter when a number is required), the form won’t let you proceed to the next page.
  2. We recommend registering from a laptop or desktop, rather than from a mobile device.
  3. Try switching to a different browser or clearing your browser cache.
Having trouble making a partial payment on your credit card?

Click “Other – needs staff processing” as your payment option and call us with your credit card information.

Accidentally charge the wrong amount to your credit card?  

If you accidentally charge the wrong amount to your credit card and you already clicked “Finish”, please send us an email with the correct amount. We can issue a partial refund so that you are paying the correct amount. (Do not email your credit card number!! Just explain the error and the correct amount to charge.)

The form won’t let you finish and you can’t figure out why?  

If the form won’t let you finish and you can’t figure out why, email with a description of the problem.

Having trouble getting through to us by phone? 

Many staff are working remotely at this time. Please leave a message so that we can contact you. Email can also be helpful in communicating registration problems – reach Gathering staff at

Specific Registration Tips

Guests: Did you register for a recent Gathering with guests and choose to save their information? Your saved guest information can be accessed and used to register your guests! On the “Guest Information” page, click the button “Add Previous Guest” to re-use their contact information.

How to modify your complete registration. You may return to your complete registration to change your program or housing choices. Read more.

You Only Know You’ve Registered When…

… you receive a Gathering registration confirmation email from or See “allow Gathering email to make sure you receive the confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation email, contact the Gathering Office for help.

Ready to register for the 2023 FGC Gathering in Monmouth, OR?

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