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Scope of Communications Engagement

When it comes to websites, web hosting, social media engagement, and other forms of electronic outreach, Friends General Conference (FGC) is in a period of evolving engagement with Friends and their meetings.  Previously, FGC hosted several meeting websites through Quaker Cloud.  That service, which will end at the end of 2023, was a useful tool…

Meeting the needs of Friends through online and in-person options

Virtual offerings connected with the 2023 FGC Annual Gathering of Friends include the plenaries on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights, as well as to the daily Bible Half Hour.  Friends who wish to participate in online worship sharing groups can indicate that on their registration form. The worship sharing groups will be facilitated by volunteers. Supported…

Quaker Leadership Conference & FGC Fall Online Consultation

by Barry Crossno Earlham School of Religion (ESR) recently held the Quaker Leadership Conference at their campus in Richmond, Indiana.  With many Quaker meetings and churches discerning how to live into a COVID endemic age, bringing Quaker leadership together to talk about this and other issues was timely and important.  There were Friends from across…

A First Gathering Story

High school student, Asma arrived at her first Gathering in 2022 after a 10-hour drive with Friends from her Florida meeting…


Friends General Conference offers virtual and in-person events for Friends, families, and newcomers to the Religious Society of Friends.

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2023 FGC Gathering

The 2023 Gathering will be held in person at Western Oregon University from July 2 – 8, 2023!

Responding Faithfully

Contributions to Friends General Conference support programs and ministries for seekers, Friends, and meetings.  FGC appreciates your generosity of spirit when you choose to contribute. We accept your donations with gratitude and ensure the money is spent wisely. Any restricted contribution is used exclusively to support the designated program. Unrestricted gifts serve all programs through the Annual Fund.