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Childcare Sought for Central Committee Meeting

FGC seeks childcare providers for the Central Committee Annual Meeting (a hybrid event) from Thursday, October 20 – Sunday, October 23 in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

$15,000 Donor Match Challenge

Your contribution will go further in FGC’s $15,000 Donor Match Challenge thanks to generous Friends. These Friends will MATCH your one-time gift and DOUBLE the annual amount of your new or increased monthly recurring donation. For example, they will add $360 to a $15 monthly recurring gift. This is a great time to make a…

FGC is Hiring a Ministry on Racism Programs Manager

The Ministry on Racism Programs Manager works to help Friends understand and end racism and ageism.

FGC is Hiring a Young Adult & Youth Coordinator

The Young Adult and Youth Coordinator holds responsibility for FGC’s Young Adult and Youth ministries throughout the year and at FGC’s annual conference, the Gathering


Friends General Conference offers virtual and in-person events for Friends, families, and newcomers to the Religious Society of Friends.

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Silence & Light for Quaker Newcomers eRetreat

Silence & Light for Quaker Newcomers is offered for people who are curious about Quakers or new to Quakerism and will explore the basics of Quaker theology and practice.

2023 FGC Gathering

The 2023 Gathering will be held in person at Western Oregon University from July 2 – 8, 2023!

Responding Faithfully

Contributions to Friends General Conference support programs and ministries for seekers, Friends, and meetings.  FGC appreciates your generosity of spirit when you choose to contribute. We accept your donations with gratitude and ensure the money is spent wisely. Any restricted contribution is used exclusively to support the designated program. Unrestricted gifts serve all programs through the Annual Fund.