Hanae Togami Begins at FGC

Friends General Conference is pleased to announce the hiring of Hanae Togami in the Ministry on Racism Program.

Reflections on the Spring 2022 Retreat for Friends of Color

Friends General Conference (FGC) sponsored a hybrid retreat for Friends of Color in May 2022 in Oregon. Zae Illo has provided a reflection on the event.

Additional Opportunity for Worship Sharing for White Friends Confronting Racism

Friends General Conference is adding a Thursday evening opportunity for worship sharing for white Friends confronting racism.

Reflections on the 2022 White Privilege Conference

FGC’s Vanessa Julye shares her brief reflections on the 2022 White Privilege Conference, which occurred in Charlotte, NC.

Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship: A Book Group

By Linnea Halsten, FGC Ministry on Racism Assistant La Jolla Monthly Meeting has organized an open virtual book group to read Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship, co-authored by Vanessa Julye and Donna McDaniel.

Introducing, Quakers Uprooting Racism Community Practice

FGC is excited to announce a new opportunity to apply to our Quakers Uprooting Racism Community Practice cohort.

FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: May 2021 Update

We wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the art that inspires us to support FGC in its goal to become an anti-racist faith community.

FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: April 2021 – Confronting Anti-Asian Hatred

As Quakers, our testimonies guide us to feel our connections to one another and dismantle racism so that we may honor that of God in everyone.

Vital Friends: Reflections on Clerking and Community by Regina Renee Ward

Regina Renee Ward lifts up her thoughts on the nature of Quaker clerkship and how it has shaped her experience of Quaker spirituality and community.

Anti-Racist Clerking Screener

This screener offers questions for reflection and discernment for Friends who are current or rising clerks, and Friends who participate in business meetings and on committees.


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