FGC In-Person Gathering Expectations

The Gathering seeks to be a community of Friends living in the discipline of the Spirit. It is a rare opportunity for personal spiritual growth and sharing. We endeavor to balance the opportunity for individual seeking with the challenges of living together. We respond with respect and support to the best efforts of host site staff, Gathering staff and volunteers, and registrants alike.

An All-Age Event. The Gathering includes programs for adults, children, and teenagers. All attenders are asked to make the Gathering a safe and supportive community for children and elders alike. Parents and sponsors of all Junior Gathering participants are expected to be actively responsible for their children at all times when they are not in Junior Gathering sessions.

Quiet Time. Quiet time is expected to be respected in and around all dorms between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

A community of respect, free from harassment. Friends General Conference, in keeping with Friends’ historical concerns for equality and justice, is committed to providing environments which are free of discrimination and harassment. Intimidation or sexual harassment, both overt and subtle, will not be tolerated at the Gathering. Actions, including words, jokes, or comments, which demean groups or individuals will not be tolerated. This includes for example: ethnicity, race, age, gender, sexual identity, or orientation, faith and religious belief, or physical or cognitive abilities. All allegations will be investigated thoroughly and fairly. A copy of the Harassment Policy is included in the packet distributed at check-in.

An event for registered attenders. The Gathering programs and facilities are restricted to registered attenders, except for use of the dining hall when cash sales are permitted by the host site. In no case is someone who has not registered for the Gathering permitted to stay overnight on campus.

Helmet safety for all ages. Friends of all ages are required to wear helmets when using wheeled vehicles (e.g., bicycles, skate boards, roller blades); pedestrians have the right of way and vehicle operators should be cautious in their presence.  Use of these vehicles on access ramps, steps, and inside buildings is prohibited and may be further restricted by campus regulations.  This policy does not apply to users of personal mobility devices (e.g., wheelchairs), golf carts, or registered motor vehicles.

Prohibited items. Alcohol, recreational marijuana, fireworks, and sparklers are not permitted. Use or possession of illegal drugs is prohibited. All host site buildings and facilities are smoke free.

Pets. The Gathering is not an appropriate event for pets; do not bring them. Service dogs trained to perform a task directly related to an attender’s disability are permitted when arranged in advance. Emotional support animals cannot be considered to be service animals.

COVID Policy. All Gathering attenders are required to abide by the provisions and restrictions found in the Friends General Conference Pandemic Health and Safety Policy. The policy in effect when registration opens on April 3 will be the policy in effect for the Gathering, unless changing conditions require us to be more restrictive.

FGC may ask any Friend unable to function within these guidelines to leave the Gathering.

Adopted 3/21/15, modified and approved by LRCP 3/07/20, 02/26/22, 11/19/2022

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