A longstanding tradition among Friends is to record in a paragraph or two a spiritually grounded moral or conscientious position on a topic of concern in contemporary society. For instance, a number of minutes have been written and circulated over the years opposing the death penalty. The minute is intended as a public witness on the issue, and proceeds from a palpable sense of the meeting, not just a lukewarm “okay.” Sometimes, it is reached after a long struggle and represents a new understanding. Copies are often sent to pertinent politicians and/or others and sent to newspapers as letters to the editor.

The list below represents minutes of conscience that were discovered via web search in 2022, as well as a few submissions. Please contact the Communications Team via the contact page if you have a submission.


Environment and Sustainability

Indigenous Concerns

LGBT Concerns

Marriage Equality


Reproductive Health

This list was first assembled by Mathilda Navias and Carl Stanton in 2022. Last updated March 6, 2024.


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