Beginning in 2016 Couple Enrichment (CE) is now a program independent of FGC. Couple Enrichment leaders are currently engaged in discerning a new organizational structure for their ministry, and will post updates about their process on their new website, In addition, FGC and CE will discern together how Spirit is leading us to be in relationship going forward.

Couple Enrichment continues to offer workshops at the FGC Gathering and take requests for workshops and interest groups in local Meetings. Friends interested in Couple Enrichment events should visit their website at or email

We would love to hear from you, particularly if you were a couple in one of our workshops or may wish to be a future participant. Please respond to this survey:

Couple Enrichment can assist you in nurturing your relationship using Quaker values and practices. Would you like to:

  • Deepen your relationship with your partner?
  • Witness God’s healing and reconciling love as a couple?
  • Commit to transforming your relationship through worship and dialogue?
  • Address conflict in ways inspired by Quaker principles?
  • Bring a workshop or retreat for couples to your meeting?

What is Couple Enrichment? 

Couple Enrichment offers weekend retreats and workshops for committed couples to help nurture their relationships and hone good communication skills.

It is designed for couples who are in a satisfactory relationship which they want to strengthen.

Who is welcome to participate? 

Workshops are open to any adult couple in a committed relationship regardless of marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or meeting affiliation.

What can we expect to experience at a Couple Enrichment event? 

Events are conducted in a worshipful Quaker atmosphere of trust and respect. They are lead by a couple with a commitment to growth and to sharing the joys and struggles of their own relationship. Strict confidentiality is maintained.

Couples can expect to:

  • Take stock, reviewing together what they value in each other
  • Take time to work through differences or unresolved disagreements
  • See how other couples relate
  • Witness the power of God’s healing love

How Can We Find a Workshop?

Couple Enrichment workshops are offered regionally throughout the US and Canada. Contact Couple Enrichment to find a workshop near you. Additionally, Couple Enrichment workshops are provided at Friends General Conference’s Gathering every year in early July. 

You could also ask your meeting to host a Couple Enrichment retreat or workshop. 

Steps for bringing a Couple Enrichment event to your meeting:

  1. Ask your meeting to sponsor a couple enrichment retreat or gather four to ten interested couples.
  2. Contact Couple Enrichment to put you in touch with nearby CE leaders.
  3. Work with Couple Enrichment leaders on arrangements and logistics.
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