FGC publishes resources with the goal of nurturing Quaker meetings and individual Friends.

Traditionally, we have published books (print and ebooks) and pamphlets, although we have also produced CDs and digital resources in the past. Our primary publishing imprint is Quaker Press of FGC .

Books published by QuakerPress of FGC must be on topics that address one or more of FGC’s major goals.  Friends General Conference, with Divine guidance, nurtures the spiritual vitality of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) by providing programs and services for Friends, meetings, and seekers.

FGC’s Major Goals

  1. Nurture meetings and worship groups.
  2. Provide resources and opportunities for meetings, Friends, and seekers to experience the Light, the living presence of God.
  3. Help meetings guide Friends to discern the leadings of the Inward Teacher and to grow into ministry.
  4. Transform our awareness so that our corporate and individual attitudes and actions fully value and encompass the blessed diversity of our human family.
  5. Work to grow and sustain a vital, diverse, and loving community of Friends based on a shared search for unity in the Spirit.
  6. Articulate, communicate, and exemplify Friends’ practices, core experiences, and the call to live and witness to our faith.
  7. Promote dialogue with others, sharing with them our corporate experience of Divine Truth and listening to and learning from their experience of the same.

QuakerPress titles are carried by QuakerBooks of FGC, our own bookstore, and marketed in other venues, including bookstores in North America and Europe.

We anticipate publishing one to two books per year.

We invite queries regarding project proposals via email or postal mail.  Full project proposals are also welcome, so long as they follow the format in the form on this page. 

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