Nurture the spiritual life of your meeting community; transform relationships within your meeting; enrich your worship; learn together; welcome newcomers; improve your practice of Quaker processes―resources and tools from FGC can help Quaker meetings and individuals grow and deepen.

All Resources

Practical Tools for Your Meeting

An extensive collection of reference and “how to” materials for essential Quaker practices and structures.

Spiritual Tools for Your Meeting

Resources for worship, spiritual practices, spiritual gifts and ministries, social justice, building intergenerational community, and nurturing Quaker parents and families.

FGC Policies and Guidelines

Friends General Conference has collected some of its policies and guidelines here for the convenience of Friends and interested parties.

Spiritual Deepening Library

The Spiritual Deepening Library is a collection of exercises meant to deepen the life, worship, connection, and witness of individuals and meetings through the exploration of Quaker thought and practice, sharing and deep listening.

Couple Enrichment

Couple Enrichment offers weekend retreats and workshops for committed couples to help nurture their relationships and hone good communication skills.

God is Within Her: Quakers Experience The Color Purple

Staff of Friends General Conference have conceived God is Within Her: Quakers Experience The Color Purple as a resource for Friends to explore their own spirituality via an important piece of literature, in community with their local meetings, newcomers, seekers, and the wider Quaker community, whether affiliated with Friends General Conference or other Quaker bodies….

Minutes of Conscience

A longstanding tradition among Friends is to record in a paragraph or two a spiritually grounded moral or conscientious position on a topic of concern in contemporary society. For instance, a number of minutes have been written and circulated over the years opposing the death penalty. The minute is intended as a public witness on…

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