Pre-Gathering retreats give participants a chance to connect in a deeper way before the Gathering week begins. Most years there are pre-Gathering retreats for People of Color & their Families, Adult Young Friends, and Quakers & Business.

  • Retreat for People of Color and their Families
    An opportunity for People of Color and multiracial families to come together to share their Quaker experience and create a supportive community in preparation for and throughout the Gathering. Open only to Friends attending the Gathering.
  • Adult Young Friends
    Adult Young Friends (age 18-35) often have a one day retreat before the Gathering, but will not be holding one at the 2023 Gathering.
  • Quakers and Business Conference
    Early Quakers created support networks to support each other and their businesses. Today we follow their examples as we build community, connection and open to spirit in our work endeavors

Pre-Gathering Events and Children: FGC offers a children’s center for children whose parents or caregivers are attending pre-Gathering events in-person. Some pre-Gathering events also include programming for children.

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