The Friends General Conference Central Committee, meeting annually in October, is responsible for making final policy decisions affecting the FGC organization and program, approving the annual budget, and making changes in the corporate by-laws.

Friends General Conference, with Divine guidance, nurtures the spiritual vitality of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) by providing programs and services for Friends, meetings, and seekers. These programs and services are made possible through the work of paid staff and Central Committee (CC), the governing body of FGC. CC consists of volunteer representatives appointed by member yearly meetings and independently affiliated monthly meetings. CC has other committees that have been created after discernment of needs of the community. As these needs evolve and transform, so does the roster of committees.


Officers of Central Committee

Marvin BarnesPresiding Clerk
Katrina McQuailAssistant Presiding Clerk
Mathilda NaviasRecording Clerk
David NachmanAssistant Recording Clerk
Colby AbazsTreasurer


DevelopmentDevelopment is responsible for fundraising to support the program activities of FGC and working to promote our services among affiliated yearly and monthly meetings.Anne PomeroyClerk
FinanceFinance recommends fiscal policy, develops investment policy, prepares the annual budget for approval by Central Committee, and considers longer-range financial trends and projections.John SmallwoodClerk
PersonnelPersonnel takes responsibility for personnel practices within FGC and has special care for the welfare of all staff members.Carrie Karhnak-GlasbyClerk
Frank BarchAssistant Clerk
Organizational GuideThis committee prepares recommended changes to FGC’s “Organizational Guide” – the official guide to the objectives, goals, program purposes, functions and operational details of the organization.Joan BroadfieldClerk
Institutional Assessment Implementation CommitteeIAIC provides support, leadership and accountability to FGC staff and volunteers in their efforts to make FGC an actively antiracist organization, including FGC-affiliated Monthly and Yearly Meetings.Euclid BautistaClerk
Miriam MulsowAssistant Clerk
tom kuneshAssistant Clerk
Committee for Nurturing Ministries (CNM)CNM develops resources to encourage spiritual growth. These resources may engage youth, enhance racial diversity, or educate. Regina Renee NyègbehClerk
Janice DomanikAssistant Clerk
Elaine GilettaAssistant Clerk
Long Range Conference PlanningLRCP establishes policies and procedures for small events an the annual Gathering, selecting sites and Gathering clerks, approving the budget, and providing support and evaluation.Michelle BellowsClerk
Karen SnareAssistant Clerk
Ellie RosenbergAssistant Clerk
Publications & DistributionP&D supports QuakerPress of FGC and QuakerBooks of FGC, helping to discern new materials to publish and making hundreds of Quaker titles available to Friends. Nancy MooreClerk
Robert GorenAssistant Clerk
Christian & Interfaith RelationsCIRC is responsible for the ecumenical and interfaith work of FGC, including participation in the World Council of Churches. It works to build a greater understanding across religious divisions.Ann RiggsClerk
Friends Meetinghouse FundFMHF helps Meetings get mortgage loans and grants so they can purchase, construct, renovate or expand meetinghouses. Committee members serve as directors on an autonomous nonprofit organization. FGC’s Central Committee is the designated body for naming directors.Bert FreyClerk
NominatingThrough consultation and prayerful discernment, Nominating brings the names of Friends forward to Central Committee, taking care to match spiritual gifts with responsibilities. Susan TaylorClerk
NamingAppointed by Central Committee, the Naming Committee brings names forward to the Nominating Committee.David Haines

Yearly Meeting Representatives

*Denotes Friends who stepped down on 10/31/23

Alaska Friends Conference

  • Scott Bell- ex officio
  • David Bantz  
  • Jim Cheydleur
  • Doug Mertz
  • Avis Wanda McClinton

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

  • Sharon Custer-Boggess
  • Clay Daetwyler
  • Kat Darnell
  • Robert Goren
  • Rebecca Haines Rosenberg
  • Donna Kolaetis
  • Martin Melville
  • Nancy Moore
  • Ann Riggs
  • John Smallwood
  • Ken Stockbridge

Canadian Yearly Meeting

  • Celia Cheatley, ex officio
  • Jaya Karsemeyer Bone
  • Marilyn Manzer, ex officio
  • Anne Trudell

Great Plains Yearly Meeting

  • Lynn Zeleski

Illinois Yearly Meeting of Friends

  • Trevor Brandt
  • Kevin Brubaker, ex officio
  • Janice Domanik
  • Bertram Frey
  • Chip Rorem
  • Brad Shaw
  • Lilith Swygert

Independent Monthly Meetings

  • Carol Barta
  • Jim Huber
  • Sharon Terhune

Intermountain Yearly Meeting

  • Ann Beauchamp

Lake Erie Yearly Meeting

  • Marvin Barnes
  • Ellerie Brownfain
  • Susan Loucks, ex officio
  • Regina Renee Nyégbeh
  • Joan Sampieri*
  • Sally Weaver Sommer

New England Yearly Meeting

  • Carolyn Hilles-Pilant
  • Rebecca Leuchak, ex officio

New York Yearly Meeting

  • Taylor Eskew
  • Laura Higgins
  • Helen Mullin
  • Mathilda Navias
  • Anne Pomeroy
  • Ellie Rosenberg
  • Karen Snare
  • Gloria Thompson, ex officio

North Pacific Yearly Meeting

  • Euclid Bautista
  • Judy Meyer
  • Madison Paulus
  • Marijke van Roojen

Northern Yearly Meeting

  • Colby Abazs
  • Corinna (Corry) Greenler
  • John Greenler
  • Ellie Littrell-Greenler
  • John Skinner

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting

  • Barry Zalph, ex officio

Pacific Yearly Meeting

  • Michelle Bellows
  • Carl Magruder

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

  • Jimi Ayodele*
  • Frank Barch, M.D.
  • Keith Barch
  • Joan Broadfield
  • Sally Farneth
  • Howard Frysinger
  • Kelly Green
  • Carrie Karhnak-Glasby
  • Carter Nash
  • Clinton Pettus
  • Laura Pickering Ford
  • Lori Pineiro Sinitzky
  • Jean-Marie Prestwidge Barch
  • dest/jess(ie)/etc. Purvis
  • Chloe Rosenthal
  • Robert Rosenthal
  • Melissa Rycroft
  • Barry Scott
  • Carl Stanton
  • Anthony Stover
  • Jerry Williams
  • Eppchez Yes*

Piedmont Friends – Yearly Meeting and Fellowship

  • David Haines
  • Kris Loy
  • Nancy Reimer, ex officio

South Central Yearly Meeting

  • Anne Collins
  • Gretchen Haynes
  • Jan Michael
  • Miriam Mulsow
  • Bill Wilkinson

Southeastern Yearly Meeting

  • Herbert Haigh
  • Susan Taylor
  • Daniel Vaughen
  • Susan Wade

Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting & Association

  • Daryl Bergquist, ex officio
  • Margaret Farmer
  • Elaine Giletta
  • tom kunesh
  • Paul Mangelsdorf
  • Kevin Moran
  • Kit Potter


  • Chad Giletta
  • Robyn Josephs
  • Katrina McQuail
  • David Nachman



Friends interested in volunteering for Central Committee should speak with their Yearly Meeting’s nominating committee or visit the Volunteer with FGC page and complete the volunteer survey. One need not be a member of Central Committee to volunteer for many FGC-related projects.


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