These are the events offered at the 2022 Gathering that will be for People of Color only. If you live life and identify as a Person of Color, please join us. To understand why People of Color-only spaces are necessary, read this article from The Arrow.

Pre-Gathering Retreat

The Pre-Gathering Retreat for People of Color and their Families will be held Friday, July 1 – Sunday, July 3. The retreat will be held online. Learn more about the retreat.


Gathering workshops are held Monday, July 4 – Friday, July 8. These workshops are for People of Color only:

#18 Power and Persistence: Friends of Color Celebrate – Rashid Darden
#108 SPICE (+) Up Your Sex Life: Self-Care for BIPOC – Regina Renee Ward

Other Events

From Monday through Friday at the 2022 Gathering there will be Gatherings for Fellowship for Friends of Color Only; during ‘lunch’ from 12:15-1:30pm Eastern / 9:15-10:30am Pacific; during ‘dinner’  6:30-8:00pm Eastern / 3:30-5:00pm Pacific; and in the evening from 9:45pm-11:00pm Eastern / 6:45pm-8:00pm Pacific. 
Our intention for this time together is to create a space for People of Color to share their experiences in an environment where they can begin to heal as a community.

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