eRetreat Facilitators sought

The Friends General Conference Spiritual Deepening Program seeks eRetreat Facilitators for 2022-2023 sessions.

Donna Eisenhower

When Donna signed up for Spiritual Deepening eRetreats in early 2020, she expected to continue in her self-paced exploration into Quaker thought. What she didn’t anticipate was the community she would discover during the early days of the pandemic.

Things I’ve Learned as a Person Who Practices Two Religions

This article was written for the August 2020 Interfaith Issue of the Vital Friends eNewsletter.

Announcing Spiritual Deepening Library 2.0!

The Spiritual Deepening Library seeks to be an essential resource of spiritual deepening and connection for Friends.

Walking in the Light: An Update on FGC’s Spiritual Deepening Program

Resources and materials in the Spiritual Deepening Library for Small Groups are being revised and enhanced on 2019 to include new ways to explore communion with the community and the divine.

When I Feel Most Called to Do Ministry Work

As a child, the impulse to blow through the straw to create bubbles in your chocolate milk is a great analogy to describe the sensation of emotions I experience when I’m called to do ministry work in my community.

Women in Ministry: Jean-Marie Barch

Jean-Marie Barch, clerk of FGC’s Committee for Nurturing Ministries and member of Executive Committee, describes how the Quaker way has made a difference in her life.

Women in Ministry

Women have been ministers of Quaker faith and practice since it began in the 17th century.

Words by Friends: Exploring Gender in the Bible through Humor

Peterson Toscano describes himself on his website as a “Quirky Queer Quaker Performance Artist and Scholar.”


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