The Gathering abounds with opportunities to meet with Friends with similar passions and gifts. Although many events are planned in advance, other activities will be scheduled during the week. Friends wishing to arrange for meeting space must make requests at the Information Desk during the Gathering – learn how to organize an event at the Gathering

  • Worship: multiple opportunities to worship with Friends every day.
  • Bible Half Hour:  Monday-Friday.
  • QuakerBooks Events and the Gathering Store: The Gathering Store is open daily during the week. In the afternoons, the store features presentations by authors and performers. All sales at the Gathering happen via the Store. Consignment reservations must be made by published deadlines.
  • Quaker Exhibits and Presentations: exhibits from dozens of organizations, and presentations from many of them. Reservations are due by the published deadline.
  • Creativity and artistic expression: singing, dancing, movement opportunities, visual arts.

Multiple Events Are Organized by These Groups

Organized groups at the Gathering plan activities throughout the week of the Gathering – typically in the afternoon, but sometimes mornings or evenings as well. Some also have their own Housing Clusters.

Take a Break Wednesday Afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon we take a break from the busy-ness of the Gathering to focus on rest and reflection. Everyone is invited to an afternoon of spaciousness. This may be a time for solitude, for simple togetherness with a friend or family member, or for worship. After this sabbath pause, we trust that we will be more present to each other and to Spirit during our last two days together. We ask Friends to carefully discern whether an activity is in the spirit of sabbath before scheduling it for Wednesday afternoon.

Please Plan to Volunteer

We hope that every adult will give at least two hours of service during the Gathering.  When you register, you can indicate your interest in serving as:

  • Golf cart driver or shift anchor/dispatcher
  • Dance musician or caller
  • Leader of music or movement activities
  • Check-in volunteer
  • Healing Center volunteer
  • Help show afternoon or late evening films
  • Chat in ASL with deaf attender (if we have any)

Some volunteer positions receive a partial fee waiver, called workgrants. Return here on or about the first of the year to learn more about these workgrants.

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