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Half-Gathering Option 2023 (Adults only)

Adult Friends may choose to register for half of the Gathering and choose on-campus housing, or they may commute. There are two half-Gathering options:

  • First Half: arrive Sunday July 2 and depart Wednesday July 5 OR
  • Second Half: arrive Wednesday July 5 and depart Saturday July 8

Friends choosing the first half may arrive early (extra fees apply.)

Half-Gathering meal plans include Sunday dinner through Wednesday lunch OR Wednesday dinner through Saturday breakfast.  

Housing: Singles and shared rooms are both available.  However, because of the small number of people registered for half a Gathering, if you sign up for a double room and we are unable to find you a roommate, we will change your housing to a single and change your price accordingly.  Doubles are only guaranteed for those who register with a roommate for the same half-Gathering.  Cluster preferences will be accommodated on a space available basis after housing full-time registrants. We will not house a half-Gathering registrant with a full-Gathering registrant.

First half-Gathering attendees must be out of their rooms Wednesday morning, but are welcome to stay on campus and participate in Gathering activities that day.

Workshops: Choose a workshop open to half-Gathering or part-time registrants.


Friends may choose to make their own off-site housing arrangements for the Gathering.  All of these Friends are considered commuters, whether they are camping in a park campground, staying at a hotel, or commuting from home. They may register for the full Gathering, for a half-Gathering, or as part-time registrants on a per day basis.

Commuter “housing” fee:  Commuters who register for the full or half-Gathering must choose the “Commuter” housing plan (housing fees include college campus use fees which is why there is a housing charge for commuters).

Commuter meal-plan options:  Commuters who register for the full or half-Gathering may choose a meal plan, or choose “no meal plan.”

Part-Time Registrants

Part-time registrants choose to register for one to three days of the Gathering. Some part-time registrants may prefer the half-Gathering option. The per diem part-time registration fee includes neither on-site housing nor meals. All meals are available for purchase with cash on campus, although this is at a higher per-meal rate than a full- or half-Gathering meal plan. When they register, part-time registrants may choose one of the workshops open to part-time registrants.

Payments and Deposits

Deposits: The minimum deposit is the Program Fee(s) for your party, due when you register. However, if you are applying for financial aid from your meeting or from FGC, a deposit is due one week after you learn of aid granted. Deposits and other payments may be made by credit/debit card, electronic check, or paper check. FGC pays twice the fees for reward cards – whenever possible, avoid Visa Signature Preferred and Mastercard World Cards.

Canadian Payments: Payments made in Canadian dollars will be credited with the prevailing exchange rate at our financial institution on the day of deposit.

Transportation Fees

Check back for details about arranging transportation from the airport, train, or bus station.

Cancellation Fees

  • Cancellation must be in writing (mail or email)
  • Cancel by May 31: incur a charge of $50 per person ($150 maximum per family.) See our full cancellation policy for exceptions – Friends offered financial aid have one week after the offer to cancel without a fee.
  • Cancel June 1–8: the cancellation fee will equal 50% of program fees.
  • Cancel after June 8: 75% of all fees will be owed even if you do not attend the Gathering.

Read our full cancellation policy.

International Payments

All fees are listed and calculated in USA dollars. You can use an online currency converter to calculate costs in other currencies. Some banks have extra exchange fees for credit card charges, and some offer a better rate. Check with your credit card issuer to be sure.

Additional Fees and Surcharges

  • Registrant-initiated changes to meal plans or housing after May 31: $15.
  • College fees for lost room keys and swipe access/meal cards, room damages, and lockouts will be charged to the registrant.
  • Returned check fees will be charged to the registrant.
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