And Friends meet together, and know one another in that which is eternal, which was before the world was.

– George Fox, Epistle 14

Imagine what it might mean to build more trust and connection with Friends and newcomers in your Quaker meeting. Imagine inviting greater meaning, guidance, and growth into your own life. Imagine the ripple effect in our meetings and communities as we live our faith in the world.

The Spiritual Deepening Program gives Friends and newcomers opportunities to rediscover Quaker faith and thought, connect with Spirit, and build relationships with each other through sharing and deep listening.  Through exercises, discussions, introspection, and creativity, participants share their spiritual stories, explore how Quaker thought and spiritual practices can transform lives, and go deeper together into the life of the Spirit.

There are two ways to go deeper with Spiritual Deepening:

The Spiritual Deepening Library

The Spiritual Deepening Library is a collection of experiential activities and resources. The program grew as a response to a deep hunger among Friends for spiritual relationships, improved sense of faith community, and a better understanding of the roots of our Quaker faith and spiritual practices.

Program materials are designed for participants of all ages and stages in their spiritual journey. Participants engage in activities, discussions, role-plays, spiritual practices, art and music exercises, and worship sharing. Inviting newcomers to join a Spiritual Deepening small group can serve as outreach and offer a way to integrate newcomers into the life of the meeting.

Spiritual Deepening eRetreats & Online Offerings

Join a Spiritual Deepening eRetreat, together or as individuals, to build spiritual community and explore Quaker practices and faith over a 4-week online session led by a seasoned facilitator.  eRetreats are offered on topics such as Silence & Light, Living into Wholeness, Becoming Patterns & Examples, and Understanding and Healing White Supremacy.

The Spiritual Deepening eRetreats are flexible and affordable. The suggested fee for participating in the program is $35-45 per participant, on a pay-as-led basis.  Pay-as-Led is a method of offering sliding scale pricing so that paid events are more accessible for people with a wide range of abilities to pay.

From FGC’s 2017 Annual Report

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