Welcome to the Adult Young Friends info page!

The Adult Young Friends (AYF) program is a self-led intentional community of Friends age 18–35 who come together at the Gathering to support, inspire, and challenge each other in our life journeys. We represent a variety of backgrounds, and hail from all over the world of Quakerdom. We strengthen our community through worship, AYF affinity groups, Meeting for Business, and share in fellowship and celebration. We create a community in which we can grow, bond, and strengthen our connection to our chosen faith.

How to Participate

In 2022, AYF will have programming both at the virtual Gathering and at the in-person YAY Gathering event

Virtual Gathering: Check the AYF program box when you register for virtual Gathering. There will be AYF events at the virtual Gathering on Monday and Tuesday.
Monday 7/4: Socialize and Play Games
Tuesday 7/5: Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

YAY Gathering: You are welcome to participate in our program to whatever degree you find most beneficial. You can choose to stay in the AYF housing cluster, or you can live in whatever other housing arrangement suit you. If you are a parent, you may want to stay in the family dorm. In either case you may attend your choice of AYF activities while still participating in as many of the other YAY options as time and energy allow. You are welcome to come and just participate, but if you’d like to become more involved with the FGC AYF program that would be fantastic too.

Adult Young Friends Retreat

The AYF Pre-Gathering Retreat provides an additional day for self selecting AYFs to gather. Past retreats have been spaces for self-reflection, exploring how our Quaker values can influence and impact our day to day lives, and how our Quakerism impacts the wider world. There will not be a pre-Gathering AYF retreat in 2022.

Financial Aid

Not sure you can afford to come to Gathering? The virtual Gathering is Pay as Led. For YAY Gathering, there are many financial aid options available, including travel grants for some young adults, Friends in certain regions, and Friends of Color.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups, also known as Support Groups, are an optional component of the AYF Program at YAY Gathering. These are small groups which provide Friends the opportunity for daily check-ins about how the Gathering is going, bonding, and fellowship time within a smaller group of peers with similar interests or “affinities.” These groups range from worship focused groups, such as worship sharing, waiting worship, spiritual accountability and support, to groups focused on play, games, and napping. You have the opportunity during registration to express your interest in facilitating an affinity group.

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