for the 2024 Gathering at Haverford College


Early Registration is open from April 11-23. After April 23, registration closes for a period of sorting people into workshops and housing. The first round of workshop assignments will be drawn at random after early registration closes. Anyone who registers April 11-23, regardless of the day they register, will have the same chance of being awarded their first choice of workshops.
General Registration opens starting May 1.

If you are having issues registering, don’t fear! As long as you’ve started your registration by April 23, you qualify for the early registration period.

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When to Register

Equitable Access Registration for Friends of Color, Friends 35 and under, and those registering with them opened on April 4th.

Early Registration has opened as of April 11th.

Early Registration closes on April 23rd. (NOTE: You have the same choices regardless of whether you register on the 11th or the 22nd.) Let us know if you have any trouble completing the form.

General Registration opens on May 1st.

Important Deadlines for younger Friends: Junior Gathering participants (infant – rising 9th grade) and High School program (teens in rising 10th grade to 12th grade*) participants must be registered by May 31st. Registration is not complete until FGC receives a Parental Release Form for each registered young Friend.

*Graduating High School seniors (who are age 18 or older) can decide if they want to attend the High School program, Adult Young Friends program, and/or general Gathering.

How to Register

Online: The easiest and fastest way to register for the Gathering is online. We recommend registering from a laptop or desktop, rather than from a mobile device. NOTE: Need time to respond to a question on the form? You might time out of registration after 20 minutes of idle activity. Don’t worry, your information should be saved! After a total of 40 minutes the system will send an e-mail with instructions on how to re-enter your form.

Phone: We offer registration support by phone: Monday-Thursday 1:30-5 p.m. EDT, Friday 2-4 p.m. EDT, and Friday 5-9 p.m. EDT. 

Want to make sure you get an email with Gathering updates when registration opens? Sign-up for the Gathering email list.

Learn more about registering for the Gathering

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