Information for Friends attending the Friends General Conference Gathering from outside Canada, Mexico, and the United States

Everyone is welcome at the FGC Gathering, and each year we have a number of Friends from other continents and other branches in the Religious Society of Friends. However, as an organization, our core mission and our core constituency is serving affiliated Friends in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. We are a tri-national organization, and that’s where our resources are focused.

For in-person Gathering events:

If you have a visa for something else, we encourage Friends to add the Gathering into their travel plans. FGC does not provide consulate letters for conference attenders. Please wait until you have a visa in order to register for the Gathering.

We are not able to provide any funding for travel for Friends outside the US, Canada, and Mexico. Priority for financial aid for the FGC Gathering is given to Friends who are part of FGC-affiliated yearly and monthly meetings. The policy of Friends General Conference is that scholarship funds for conferences are to be granted first to members and attenders of FGC-affiliated Meetings, then those in other North American Meetings, and those from outside the US who are providing program opportunities (such as leading a workshop). Scholarship funds are available to other foreign registrants only after these needs are met, but in recent years the requests for financial aid from Friends within the US, Canada, and Mexico have exceeded available funds.

If you decide to register, review our cancellation policy before you do so, as there are fees for cancelling a registration.

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