The youth showed their joy and happiness fully.

2019 Junior Gathering Staff

FGC Youth programs are made possible by the gifts and dedicated work of dozens of loving adults. There are opportunities for youth ministry service in the Junior Gathering (birth-9th grade) and High School programs. Many volunteer staff consider Gathering youth programs to be one of the most enriching weeks of their year. Volunteer staff work together to build a team capable of nurturing and mentoring Quaker youth, connect deeply with amazing young people, and have opportunities to participate in other Gathering activities.

I’d like to serve as Youth Staff at Gathering. What do I do?

  1. Read job descriptions and decide how you’re led to serve.
  2. Read staff expectations.
  3. Consider your COVID safety needs and willingness to participate in masking, vaccination, and/or testing requirements. Youth staff play an important role in modeling and implementing FGC’s COVID and infectious illness policy. Read the 2024 policy here.
  4. Complete a staff application. Application forms are updated each year, and generally published in the winter or spring.
  5. Complete all required reference and background checks.
    • Note: New applicants and those who haven’t served with FGC Youth Programs in the past two years are required to provide references.  Additional background checks and reference renewals may be required for staff, depending on their role and the legal clearance requirements of the event location. See “Requirements” on the job descriptions for details.
  6. All staff must complete a brief, online Child Safety Training video and quiz (currently being updated, available spring 2024).
  7. Participate in other pre-Gathering staff training. For 2024 Gathering youth program volunteers, this will include a Zoom training on anti-racist practices for youth workers, to be scheduled in May or June.
  8. Arrive early at the Gathering for in-person staff training.
    • High School staff training begins Saturday, 6/29/2024. Staff are invited to arrive on campus the evening of Friday, 6/28/2024.
    • Junior Gathering group coordinators should arrive by 6pm on Saturday 6/29/2024. Support staff should arrive by 10am on Sunday 6/30/2024.

The young staff I worked alongside were enthusiastic and spent their time directly with the children with attention and love.

2019 Junior Gathering Staff
A picture of a child and a staff member smiling at each other.


Workgrants are available according to need for Junior Gathering and High School staff positions.

Due to the intensive nature of the High School program, all High School staff receive a 100% Basic Fee* workgrant.

Junior Gathering workgrants vary based on position. Up to a 50% Basic Fee* workgrant may be awarded to JG morning support staff and 40% may be awarded for evening support staff.

*Basic Fee: Program fee and room and board in the lowest-cost room with three meals

Be sure to indicate the amount of financial need on your registration. If you don’t need your entire workgrant to pay for the Gathering without financial hardship, consider donating it back to support others’ Gathering attendance.

Many monthly and yearly meetings financially support their members and attenders coming to the Gathering. Consider asking your meeting if they are able to offer this kind of support!

Depending on program needs and structure, there are often drop-in volunteer opportunities to support Junior Gathering for a single session or activity. Many Friends have found that serving Junior Gathering in this capacity is a rewarding and fun experience!

Gathering Staff Profiles

Read testimonials from staff about the impact of Gathering Youth Programs on their lives.

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