Friends General Conference is a member and volunteer led organization. Transparency in governance, stewardship, and finances are central to the FGC community.


The way Friends General Conference operates is deeply rooted in Quaker testimonies and based on Quaker practices.

FGC believes that through worship and openness to God’s will, the right focus and direction for the organization will emerge. Discernment is achieved through broad participation of Friends from around the country in a variety of committees.

Central to the governance of FGC is the Central Committee made up of approximately 120 volunteer Friends. Those Friends are organized into other committees that provide vision, guidance, and operational support to FGC programs and services. Central Committee meets annually in October.

The governance of FGC is defined in the FGC Organizational Guide, a detailed document carefully defining how FGC is governed and the responsibilities of staff and volunteers.

Stewardship & Finances

Staff and volunteers at Friends General Conference are deeply concerned about faithful and responsible stewardship of the resources that make the work of FGC possible. Our stewardship efforts have four components:


FGC uses Quaker worship and practices to define and guide the work of the organization.

Fiscal Responsibility

FGC’s goal is to allocate and use funds in alignment with Quaker values and principles. The organization budgest carefully, using the budget process as an opportunity to discern how to best achieve our mission and be fiscally responsible. FGC relies heavily on the work of volunteers to co-create opportunities for spiritual growth, for FGC to be guided by the needs and aspirations our membership, and to amplify the impact of the financial resources that Friends entrust to us. This work is constantly unfolding, often rewarding, and at times challenging. 

FGC is a 501c3 tax exempt religious organization.


We are committed to providing valuable and transformative programs/services for our Yearly and Monthly Meeting members, individual Friends and those exploring Quaker spirituality. Committees seek to be responsive to the expressed needs of those we serve. Our decisions, services and materials, to the best of our ability, reflect our community’s response to God’s will as discerned in worship. We measure outcomes and seek to improve our performance.


We seek to be open and transparent. We make our use of financial resources and our results available publicly. We encourage feedback and dialogue on how we use resources and on our performance. As part of our commitment to transparency, FGC has and will continue to provide detailed and accurate organizational and financial information on our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile as well as further down on this page. We are currently recognized with GuideStar’s Gold-level Seal of Transparency.

Impact Reports

Audited Financials

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