Friends General Conference’s Ministry on Racism program provides opportunities for Friends of Color to gather and build community together. We provide virtual and hybrid:  

  • Worship/fellowship spaces for Friends of Color 
  • Retreats for interracial couples  
  • Retreats for People of Color with opportunities to include their families  
  • Organizing Friends to attend the annual White Privilege Conference (WPC)  
  • Financial support for Friends of Color to attend FGC affiliated events 

The Ministry on Racism Program also offers assistance and support to FGC affiliated meetings and yearly meetings that want to develop their racial and ethnic awareness, increase their diversity, and strive to address the impact of the institution of racism on our Society. Through multiple channels the Ministry on Racism empowers individual Friends, Quaker meetings and Quaker organizations to confront and heal the wounds of white supremacy, challenge racism, and help Friends co-create communities that are more accessible and equitable. 

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