The 2022 FGC Gathering will be held online on Zoom, and we welcome newcomers!

Welcome Sessions

All those new to the Gathering are encouraged to attend one of the Welcome Sessions at the beginning of the Gathering. Welcome Sessions will introduce you to the Gathering and connect you to experienced buddies as well as other first time attenders. Gathering registrants will be emailed more information.

Self-Care and Connection

There are many opportunities to make new friends at the Gathering! For many, workshops provide a comfortable home base with friendships that develop out of sharing a common interest. 

  • Be sure to get plenty of rest. Some experienced attenders encourage naps. You can’t do everything!

Worship & Grounding

There are numerous opportunities for worship during the Gathering. Worship sessions are open to anyone who wishes to attend. They are not limited to members of the sponsoring group, unless they say so specifically. The worship sponsored by FLGBTQC (Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns) is open to all Gathering attenders.

Virtual Gathering first time attenders

Tips for Gathering in a virtual space

• Think about timezones. When we Gather online, Friends join from many timezones. 

• Family participation and multiple devices. If you have more than one person participating in the Gathering, make sure you have enough devices to accommodate people in your household participating in different events at the same time.

• Plan ahead for demands at home like meal preparation, child care, and time off from work.

• Balance. Consider your time limits for online participation and register for events accordingly.

• Take care of yourself. Stay hydrated. Plan breaks in your day when you can go outside, take a walk, take a nap, or call a friend.


Since the virtual Gathering will be on Zoom, make sure you have internet access and download the most recent version well before the Gathering starts.

Attend one of the Zoom Basics trainings for Gathering attenders. (Details will be emailed to Gathering registrants)

Friends attending by phone only will be emailed the Zoom phone numbers to use. You can dial into most events using these phone numbers.


Learn more about programs & events at the 2022 Gathering.

If you have questions about being a newcomer to the Gathering, you can reach the First Time Attenders Committee on the Gathering Contact Form

Land acknowledgment information can be found at and

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