Friends are active all around the world in education, environmental justice, community-building, spiritual enrichment, aging concerns, peace-building, and even planned giving. These Quaker Organizations are actively working to bring people together to have a positive impact on the world. Each year at the Gathering Friends have the opportunity to hear from and see exhibits from many different Quaker Organizations. 

In-Person Presentations

National and regional Quaker organizations may make scheduled afternoon presentations in person at Haverford College. The Quaker Organization Presentation Request Form is available to our partner organizations and is due May 22. Quaker Organizations that typically receive reminder emails will receive an email when the form is live.   

Gathering staff will inform you by June 15 of the time and date of your presentation. Due to a limited number of time slots, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. 


Exhibits by Quaker-related organizations, communities, schools or interest groups will be displayed in-person at the Gathering in Haverford, Pennsylvania. Exhibit reservations may be requested by filling out the Gathering Exhibit Request Form. The deadline for requesting exhibit space is May 22. All exhibit requests will be reviewed, and FGC staff will let organizations know if they will have space in the Gathering exhibit area in early June. At that point, confirmed organizations will be given a link to pay online.  

When space for display tables is limited, preference will be given to the display of materials from Friends’ yearly meetings, incorporated Friends institutions, Friends schools and universities, Friends co-housing/care communities, and opportunities for Friends’ spiritual enrichment. In all cases, FGC staff, in consultation with the clerks of the Long Range Conference Planning Committee, will be the final arbiters of what is allowable if there is any lack of clarity.

Read the full exhibit policy here

All exhibit space will be for freestanding exhibits. There will not be wall space available. No exhibit may exceed 8 linear feet. Exhibit space will be 3 feet deep.

Nothing may be sold in the Exhibits area, and you may not solicit donations for items included in an exhibit. If you are interested in selling in our consignment store (Q-Mart) at Gathering, you can fill out this form.

Exhibit prices :

  • Table space: $12/linear foot (2, 4, 6, or 8 feet only)

We expect the earliest time that exhibits may be set up is mid-afternoon on Sunday. While exhibitors are responsible for setting up and taking down their exhibits, an Exhibit Coordinator will be available to answer questions as you set up your table/space. Blue painters tape only may be used for hanging signs from tables. Exhibits must be removed by 5:00pm on Friday, July 5. Anything remaining on the tables after 5:00pm Friday will incur additional rental fees for the exhibitor and FGC. Please do not leave any literature behind. Abandoned literature only makes more work for your FGC staff.

In late May our exhibits coordinator will send you information in case you need to ship a display to Haverford College.

Please be aware that when the building is open, the exhibit area will not be supervised. Any and all items in the display are the exhibitor’s responsibility.

Interest Groups

Afternoon and late-night interest groups and events can be organized on-site through the Gathering Info. Desk. These are small-group sessions that often spark new leadings and insights.

This year we will have plenary sessions every evening, so we will not have pre-organized evening interest groups.

Free Table for Leaflets and Flyers

The exhibit hall usually includes a table for leaflets and flyers if there is space. We do not yet know whether there will be space. If you leave materials on this table, please follow the following guidelines:

  • No more than two documents per organization (or, if no organization, per person)
  • Documents only – no displays, and especially nothing three dimensional.  A petition is considered a document.
  • For each document, provide the name and contact information for a Gathering registrant.

Items that do not meet these requirements will be removed from the leafletting table. See detailed policy below regarding unacceptable materials.

Policy on the Establishment of a Leaflet Table at Gathering

The intent of this policy is to provide an opportunity for Friends to share and explore their journey, concerns, ideas and leadings, while protecting the quality of the Gathering and the safety of the Gathering Community.

The distribution and display of leaflets or similar written materials shall be limited to a prominently located, visible, accessible and designated area of the Gathering. While no prior approval is required to distribute or display literature, certain materials are inappropriate at Gathering and will not be permitted.; These include:

  1. Obscenity, child pornography, libel, and any materials not protected by the First Amendment and whose display or distribution could subject Friends General Conference, its staff and volunteers to criminal and civil liability.
  2. Literature which has the intent or the substantial effect of creating a hostile environment or otherwise violating the Sexual Harassment Policy.
  3. Literature which directly threatens or defames specific members of the Gathering Community.
  4. Literature which creates a substantial risk to the safety of the Gathering Community.
  5. Literature which seriously threatens the quality of the Gathering experience.

All literature displayed or distributed at the leaflet table must be clearly identified with the name of a Gathering attender or attenders. If not, it shall be removed with no further investigation required except as appropriate under the At Risk and Disruptive Behavior Policy and/or the Sexual Harassment Policy. Materials found to be in violation of this policy shall be removed.

Friends may not interfere with or obstruct the display or distribution of literature on the designated leaflet display table. If Friends believe that certain materials are in violation of the above policies, they should report their concern to any one of the following: Gathering Clerks, Conference Coordinators, the General Secretary, FGC Presiding Clerk or the Clerk of Long Range Conference Planning, who shall have the authority to investigate and take appropriate action.

Long Range Conference Planning Committee will be ultimately responsible for monitoring the leaflet table and for enforcement of this policy.

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