Exhibits by Quaker-related organizations, communities, schools or interest groups will be displayed on this webpage for the 2022 virtual Gathering by advance arrangement. Exhibit reservations may be requested by filling out the Exhibit Request form (available in late spring.) The deadline for requesting exhibit space is May 15. All exhibit requests will be reviewed, and FGC staff will let organizations know if they will be published on the exhibit webpage in mid June.

When space for in-person display tables is limited, preference will be given to the display of materials from Quaker Yearly Meetings, incorporated Friends institutions, Friends schools and universities, Friends co-housing/care communities, and opportunities for Quaker spiritual enrichment. In all cases, FGC staff, in consultation with the clerks of the Long Range Conference Planning Committee, will be the final arbiters of what is allowable if there is any lack of clarity.

Read the full exhibit policy below:

Nothing may be sold in the Exhibits area, and you may now solicit donations for items included in an exhibit. If you are interested in selling goods, please see information on consignment reservations

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