The Gathering will only be possible with the support of volunteers. Workgrant positions are essential to the success of the the Gathering AND are a way for volunteers to help cover their fees. Typical workgrants range from $200 to $400 for 3 to 6 hours of daily service. A number of workgrants are listed below – the number indicates the percentage it covers of Gathering Basic Fees (program fee, lodging, and 3 meals a day.)

For these roles, you can indicate interest on the Workgrant Interests Survey Form. You can also volunteer when you register for the Gathering, and someone will be in touch with more information. Indicating your interest on the form doesn’t confirm you in the role. For Junior Gathering and High School staff roles, a separate application is required.

Workgrants are most appropriate for adults (18 years and older, and not in the High School program) who have previously attended the Gathering. With the exception of Junior Gathering workgrants, which are open to first-time Gathering attenders, we advise first-time attenders to request scholarship assistance instead of workgrants.

Access Needs Coordinator (100%) and Access Needs Team Member (100%): assist Friends with mobility, hearing, vision, chemical sensitivity, and other disabilities to access all Gathering programs by providing information, accommodations, and assistance.

Bookstore Assistant: One person needed (25% grant) on Saturday 6/29 for set-up, a physically demanding job. Three assistants (50% grants) to ring up sales and assist customers in a store that gets very busy. Does NOT conflict with morning workshops or evening programs after 7 p.m.

Camping Coordinator (25%): serve as a liaison between Gathering campers, staff, and the college. The Coordinator’s basic job is to make reasonable steps to make sure campers are safe, happy, and following university rules.

Check-In Coordinator (75%):  Prepare, train volunteers and manage FGC Gathering Check-In on Saturday 7/1 & Sunday 7/2.

COVID Safety Officer (50%): Assist in monitoring and ensuring COVID health and safety protocols are being followed. Serve as point of contact for concerns and questions related to COVID Health and Safety policy. 

First Aid (50%): The volunteer staffs a First Aid station for one to one and a half hours per day (at an advertised location) and also being on call for response and advice when medical incidents happen. Should be CPR certified.

Food Assistant (50%): Work with Food Coordinator to addressing the needs of Gathering attenders with special dietary considerations

Housing Assignment Team (40%): work in Philadelphia office during a weekend in June to make Gathering housing assignments. (4 positions)

High School Counselor (100%): for Friends who want to devote their Gathering to a wonderful group of High School Friends.  Involves living in the High School dorm. Training for Counselors begins Saturday morning. Learn more about this role.

Information Desk – (40%): work 3-4 hours/day at the Information Desk, answering questions from Gathering attenders. (no mornings)

Junior Gathering evening support staff (40%): work M-F 6:30 pm-9 pm plus attend training from 10am on Sunday. Learn more about this role.

Junior Gathering morning support staff (50%): work M-F 8:30 am-noon plus attend training from 10am on Sunday. Learn more about this role.

Lend-A-Hand Coordinator (60%): Take the lead on organizing the Lend-A-Hand Table, about 4 hours a day. The Lend-A-Hand Coordinator, with the help of an assistant, is responsible for soliciting and organizing volunteers throughout the week of the Gathering. This includes:

  • carriers of trays during meal times for those who are physically challenged, who have small children, or for any other reason they need help;
  • ushers for beginning and ending worship as well as the evening plenaries;
  • Junior Gathering helpers, for clean-up/set-up at the beginning of the week,  clean-up/pack-up at the end of the week and during the week as requested;
  • volunteers to set-up and take down chairs for outdoor concerts as scheduled and requested;
  • help with luggage at Check In and again at departure;
  • Friends to help pack up the bookstore and office and load boxes into the truck (Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday morning)
  • people to sit at the Lend-A-Hand table.

The Coordinator should be in contact with Gathering Subcommittee clerks prior to the Gathering to start to collect needs for volunteers. Friday and Saturday early housing costs (but not meals) are waived for the Coordinator but not for family members.

Lend-A-Hand Assistant (40%): Expected to work about 3 hours a day. Saturday (and if necessary, Friday) housing costs but not meals are waived for the Assistant but not for family members. There are no assistant responsibilities prior to arriving at the Gathering site.

Newsletter Editor (100%): This is a daily job. Before the Gathering it involves reviewing the submission form, updating it, and providing webtext about “How to Submit Material” for the Daily Bulletin. During the Gathering it requires collecting submissions, confirming notices of meetings, screening items for appropriateness based on Gathering policies, editing items as needed, and meeting with the Conference Director daily to review the draft bulletin.

Office support at Gathering (40-50%): Be a part of the Gathering office, and help answer questions from Gathering attenders in person, by email, and by phone. Ideal office staff are good at problem solving, like helping people, and able to use database software and spreadsheets. Office shifts are at the same time each day, Monday-Friday; morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening shifts are available. 

Photographer (50%): High quality portraits and group photos capturing the vitality of the Gathering. For an experienced photographer who can share a sample of previous work with FGC staff.

Pre-Gathering Childcare (40%): As part of a small team, provide care for children whose parent/sponsors are participating in a pre-Gathering event or serving as volunteers. Requires childcare experience and participation in FGC child safety background screening.

Shuttle Drivers (% depends on how it’s split): Drive Gathering attenders in a van to and from the Haverford train station and bus stop on Friday 6/28, Saturday 6/29, Sunday 6/30, and Saturday 7/6. Must have a driver’s license, a good driving record, and be reliable.

Workshop Leader (50% per workshop, co-leaders determine how to divide the workgrant) Lead or co-lead a workshop at the Gathering. Requires facilitation experience and an application process as well as prior Gathering attendance. Applications are closed for 2024.

Zoom Host (25%): Zoom host Bible Half Hour Monday – Friday and Evening Programs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Should have experience with Zoom hosting.

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