The Accessibility Coordinator is eager to hear from Friends about specific needs which must be met to enable their attendance and full participation in the Gathering. We will do all that we can to meet these needs. For example, 1-2 golf cart shuttles are available for Friends with mobility limitations. When registering, please check all “Accessibility Needs” that apply, adding appropriate details. 

Accessibility at Radford University for the 2022 YAY Gathering

The Radford College campus is fairly compact and mostly flat with mild slopes; buildings are connected with sidewalks. The classroom buildings, Student Center and the dorms are accessible. 

Dorm and Living Accommodations: The dorm without air conditioning (Muse Hall) has elevators and air conditioned lounges. There are a number of smaller dorms with air conditioning and elevators. There are a few refrigerators on campus. Please indicate on your registration if you require refrigerator access for medication. Please bring a cooler for snack and food needs. More about housing

Golf Cart Service

The YAY Gathering will have 1-2 golf carts to help people with mobility problems move around the campus. The Gathering office will dispatch carts by cell phone whenever people call us or by prearrangement.

Other forms of accessibility

  • Financial Accessibility – FGC wants Friends of all financial means to attend the Gathering.
  • Fragrance Sensitivities  – The Gathering includes people with asthma and chemical sensitivities which are triggered by fragrances. Help these Friends stay healthy by doing your best to bring fragrance-free toiletries (or buy them at the Gathering Store). If you have fragrance sensitivities or allergies, read about steps taken to limit air-borne allergens and fragrances at the Gathering.
  • Airport Transportation – we are working to offer transportation for motorized scooters and anyone who needs a ramp or lift to get into a vehicle.
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