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Support and consultation for individual teachers, religious education committees, monthly meetings or Friends schools is available. The Faith & Play Group offers demonstrations, introductions, one-day workshops on Godly Play® and Faith & Play™ as well as Playing in the Light and Learning in the Light trainings.

For more information, please visit their website or contact the Faith & Play Group at

The Second Edition of Faith & Play™ is now available! Buy it now from the QuakerBooks website.

Faith & Play™ Stories is a Montessori-inspired storytelling resource that helps children find words and images for expressing their experiences of holy mystery and wonder in their lives. Play is children’s practice, hence the name Faith & Play, deriving from Faith and Practice.

Faith & Play includes stories of Quaker faith, practice and witness, told in the manner of Godly Play® (a resource to teach stories from the Bible in an open-ended way that invites children to experientially find themselves in the stories). Godly Play and Faith & Play acknowledge that God is active in children’s lives long before they enter the religious education classroom, and at the core of this method is a deep respect for children’s spiritual lives. Participants hear and respond to the stories in age appropriate ways, making the method ideal for meetings with grade-level classrooms as well as for small meetings where few children are in diverse places developmentally.

Hear more about Quakers sharing Faith & Play Stories in this short video: Making Space: Stories in Religious Education

Faith & Play was created by Friends as a Quaker supplement to Godly Play and is intended for the teacher trained in the Godly Play method. Trainings are available for Friends through the Faith & Play Group, who can be contacted at:

For current updates on Faith & Play™ training and resources, check out the active Faith & Play communities on social media or visit the website

Faith & Play™ materials are available at Quaker Books by clicking here.

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