Worship Opportunities at the 2023 Gathering

May way open as we worship together at the Gathering. Opening and closing worship for the community book-end our week. There will be daily opportunities for worship. Groups like FLGBTQC and People of Color Center typically host worship or worship sharing opportunities during the week. Each workshop will include worship or worship sharing. As you prepare for the Gathering, consider how you might connect with Spirit within, broaden your concept of worship, and remain open to new ways of knowing the Divine, in this time of radical change.

All Gathering Welcome and Opening Worship

Sunday, July 2, evening 

Join the Gathering community in welcome and waiting worship as we prepare to embark on a week of experimentation, spiritual exploration, and fellowship.

Bible Half Hour

Bible Half Hour draws adult and teen Friends with many different beliefs, practices, and experiences with the Bible.

nova george

Our 2023 Bible Half Hour guide is nova george (all pronouns.)nova is a dreamer, wonderer, and poet with a deep interest in the Hebrew Bible and the ways faith informs imaginings and realities with regards to community, belonging, and inclusion. nova’s eyes light up in conversation about the pedagogical impact of technology in classrooms, liberation theologies, black literature as sacred text, and ritual and spiritual practice. You might find nova lounging in a Brooklyn café having a cup of herbal tea, singing to a tree in their backyard, or dreaming about the world they hope to co-create with all of you.

nova has just been appointed FGC’s Spiritual Deepening Program Assistant, a two year contract made possible by the Gathering Together campaign.

Bible Half Hour will be Monday through Friday mornings, 8-8:30 am on a drop-in basis (see the full Gathering schedule.) The sessions will be in-person, but will also be available virtually.

Worship Sharing

Are you looking for a small group experience within the larger Gathering? Do you wish to meet new Friends and build community? Worship Sharing Groups of 6–10 people will meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons to consider queries and seek how we are listening and living into the Gathering. There will be opportunities for continuing groups to meet all week as well as drop-in groups.

If you are willing to be considered as a worship sharing group leader, please volunteer when registering.

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