A picture of four high-schoolers walking in a row across a green campus.

Parents/sponsors are responsible for early high schoolers 

Parents and sponsors commit to taking a pro-active role in engaging with their teens until the High School Program begins.  If high schoolers are going to arrive before their parent or sponsor, then the teens and their parents must make arrangements for temporary sponsors who will act in loco parentis until the parent/sponsor arrives. 

Registrants for pre-Gathering events may not serve as early sponsors unless the high schooler is also registered for that same pre-Gathering event. 

Early high schoolers are housed on the floor with parents/sponsors

Because the  High School dorm does not open until the High School Program begins, early High Schoolers (unlike other early arrivals) cannot sleep in their assigned Gathering room.  They will instead sleep on the floor with or near their parent/sponsor and then move into the High School dorm on Sunday.

What can/should an early high schooler do? 

Early arrival is a time for teens to pitch in to help the Gathering get started, to catch up on sleep, to attend a pre-Gathering event, or to be engaged with your parent/sponsor. It is not a time to catch up with friends or hang-out: all of that will happen during the High School Program itself. Parents and sponsors are asked to actively interact with “their” early-arriving teens until Sunday High School program check-in. 

Curfew for early arrivals

All early teens are expected to be in the presence of their parent/sponsor after 9 pm at night.

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