The Gathering of Friends is a week of Quaker community for all ages.

Friends come together from across North America (and sometimes further) to deepen connection to one another and the Spirit. The Gathering is typically held on a college campus in late June through early July, and location changes from year to year. In 2020, Friends General Conference first offered online Gathering programs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of 2024, on-site Gatherings occur in even years while online Gatherings are held in odd years. Smaller, Young Adult & Youth (YAY) events are also held during odd years to offer continuity of programming for younger friends.

All are welcome to attend the Gathering of Friends. Gathering attenders range from newborns to elders in their 90s and include both long-time Friends (mostly from the unprogrammed, liberal tradition), and those newer to the Quaker faith. In structure, it’s part conference and part family camp. In content, it provides an abundance of opportunities to learn about Quakerism, foster spiritual life, and to have fun.

Directed and edited by Amala Lane. Videography by volunteers.

Opportunities for worship permeate the Gathering: indoors and outdoors, in large groups and small.

Junior Gathering is a rich, nurturing, Spirit-filled program for our youngest Friends (birth through 8th grade)

High school participants live together creating community through a multitude of activities during the week. An intense & amazing, fun-packed Quaker experience.

Young adults come together at Gathering to support, inspire, and challenge each other.

The Gathering seeks to be a welcoming place for all who attend

Afternoons and late evenings offer a variety of experiences: to learn, to make music, move, or connect with one another.

Thanks for coming to Gathering 2024!
See you in February 2025 for the Online Gathering!

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