Dorm Accommodations

The YAY Gathering begins Wednesday July 6. Prior to Wednesday July 6, housing is only available to staff and approved volunteers. On-campus housing is not available after Sunday morning, July 10.

General Housing Information

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YAY Gathering will use 3 dorms:

  • Muse: Families & Adult Friends – non A/C
  • Washington: Adult Young Friends, Families & Adult Friends – A/C
  • Tyler: High School – A/C

Junior Gathering groups, Adult workshops, and the Gathering office are all held in Muse. Families and Adult Friends are welcome to stay in Muse – which has non A/C dorms and A/C lounges. For families and Adult Friends who prefer A/C dorms, you will stay in Washington dorm, a 5 minute walk from Muse. There will be an AYF specific floor in Washington. The High School dorm is Tyler, and will only house High School Friends and counselors. Heth Hall will be used for worship, Bookstore and Intergen activities. Meals will be in Dalton Dining Hall.

Click here to view a map of the dorms on the Radford Campus.

  • There are accessible dorms with elevators that are both AC and non-AC. There are a limited number of accessible ADA dorm rooms available. 
  • There are limited refrigerators in the dorms and they will be reserved for those with medical needs. Please bring a cooler for snack and food needs.
  • Linens will be provided by the campus – however children 11 and under sleeping on the floor will need to bring a bedroll, pillow, and towel.

Internet Access: The College reports that there is free wireless in all of the rooms of all of the dorms, and throughout campus

Non A/C Standard Dorm Rooms: There is one dorm on campus without air conditioning (Muse). The dorm rooms have semi-private bathrooms, with two rooms sharing a bathroom. There are not living rooms or kitchenettes in the suites.

A/C Standard Dorm Rooms: There are two dorms on campus with air conditioning (Washington & Tyler). The dorm rooms have semi-private bathrooms, with two rooms sharing a bathroom. There are not living rooms or kitchenettes in the suites. 

Housing Clusters

Adult Young Friends

AYF Cluster (Adult Young Friendsis open to adults aged 18-37. You may participate in all of the AYF programs regardless of whether or not you live in the AYF Cluster. Families which include parents who identify as AYF and young children up to age 5 are welcome in the AYF Cluster. The AYF Cluster will include a gender-neutral housing block. Friends with concerns about accessing housing, bathrooms, or other facilities appropriate to their gender identity and expression are welcome to contact the Gender Diversity Liaison for information and support. The AYF dorm will be in air conditioned housing. AYF Cluster will share space with Families & Adult Friends who select air-conditioning, however there will be an AYF specific floor.

High School

All High School participants and program staff are housed in the HS dorm. The high school dorm to be air-conditioned.


Families are housed together according to their choice of air conditioning (or not) and then according to the age of their youngest child unless one child is a rising 7th, 8th or 9th grader in which case the family is housed with other families with 7th, 8th or 9th grade youth. Families may choose with children 5 years or younger may choose the Adult Young Friends cluster.  In this case, families are less likely to be housed near similarly aged children. Families & Adult Friends who select air-conditioning will share a dorm with Adult Young Friends, however there will be an AYF specific floor.

Adult Friends

Adult Friends (age 37+) will be housed with families according to their choice of air conditioning (or not). Families & Adult Friends who select air-conditioning will share a dorm with Adult Young Friends, however there will be an AYF specific floor.

Further Information About Dorms

Children on the floor

One or two children age 11 years or younger may sleep on the floor of a double room once both beds are paid for. Children sleeping on the floor must bring a bedroll, pillow, and towel. If a single parent chooses a double room with one child on the floor, we will make every effort to find them parent-and-child roommates (assuming this is an option with the Covid Health & Safety Policy.) If we are unable to do so, the parent must pay for a bed for the child.

Accessibility Needs

Please indicate your mobility limitations in the Accessibility portion of the Gathering registration form. If you have other specific housing needs, please be specific when you complete your registration. ADA rooms are available. If you have concerns about how your needs will be met, please contact the FGC office.

Gender Diversity

Friends with concerns about the availability of housing, bathrooms, or other Gathering facilities appropriate to their gender identity and expression will be able to contact the Gender Diversity Liaison for information and support.

Tent and RV Camping 

At the 2022 Gathering, there will be no tent or RV camping on campus at Radford University. There are several campground under a 20-minute drive from campus. We recommend making reservations early – read more about camping off-campus.


There are hotel and motel options in the area, most at least a mile from campus. Learn more about Gathering hotel options.


The YAY Gathering meals will be all-you-care-to-eat. Registrants have these choices regarding food during the YAY Gathering.  Each registrant makes one choice for the period starting with dinner on Wednesday, July 6, through breakfast on Sunday, July 10. 

  • Three meals a day in the cafeteria
  • Two meals a day (lunch and dinner) in the cafeteria
  • Lunch in the cafeteria (off-campus housing only)
  • No meal plan (off-campus housing only)

Meals will be served in the cafeteria, with options to take food outside to eat in one of several outdoor eating areas.

View meal plan fees. Children 5 years and under eat for free. Commuters may choose a meal plan or purchase individual meals for cash in the cafeteria. Non-cafeteria options will be listed closer to the Gathering.

Special Diets: Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes will be a part of all meals. Friends with medical dietary needs may be accommodated in the college cafeteria if they provide specific information about their requirements when they register.

No Pets

Pets are not allowed at the Gathering. Trained service animals are permitted – please arrange in advance with the Gathering Office.

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