Gathering Accommodations

At the Gathering, there is on-campus housing in university dorms as well as tents and RVs. You may also choose to stay elsewhere and commute to campus.

The Gathering begins Sunday July 2, 2023. On-campus housing (including camping) during the Gathering is available only for full and half-Gathering attenders. Housing on Friday, June 30 is limited to those attending a Pre-Gathering Event and approved volunteers. Prior to Friday, June 30, housing is only available to staff and approved volunteers. On-campus housing is not available after Saturday morning, July 8.

General Housing Information

There are several groupings of dorms on campus. There are accessible dorms with elevators. There are a limited number of accessible ADA dorm rooms available. There are no air-conditioned dorms at Western Oregon University. If you need air conditioning, you will need make to other housing arrangements and register as a commuter.

There are small refrigerators in every dorm room. There are limited refrigerators in dorm lounges and they will be reserved for those with medical needs.

All paid beds will include a pillow, pillowcase, two sheets, blanket, towel, and washcloth. If you prefer to bring your own linens, the beds are extra-long twins.

Internet Access: The College reports that there is free wireless in all of the rooms of all of the dorms, and throughout campus

Non A/C Dorm Rooms: There are no air-conditioned dorms at WOU. There are several types of room choices:

  • Rooms with hall bathrooms: There are single rooms and double rooms along corridors with shared hall bathrooms. All dorm rooms have a small refrigerator. Many housing clusters will be located in dorms with hall bathrooms.
  • Rooms with private bathrooms: There are single and double & triple rooms with private bathrooms. Some double / triple rooms also have a living room. All dorm rooms have a small refrigerator.
  • Apartments: The apartments have four single rooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen.

Further Information About Dorms

Housing Clusters

All registrants (except High School Program participants) are assigned to general housing unless they choose a specific housing cluster. Read more about housing clusters.

Friends with concerns about the availability of housing, bathrooms, or other Gathering facilities appropriate to their gender identity and expression will be able to contact the Gender Diversity Liaison for information and support.

Tent and RV Camping 

There will be camping available on campus for both tents and RVs at Western Oregon University. Camping will be available on the edges of the football practice field. There will be room for about 50 tents and RVs can park in a large parking lot lined with trees. Both will have 24/7 access to nearby indoor bathrooms.


There are hotel, motel, and bed & breakfast options in the area, including within a few blocks of campus. Learn more about Gathering hotel options.


The Gathering meals will be all-you-care-to-eat. Full-time and Half-Gathering registrants have these choices regarding food during the Gathering.  Each registrant makes one choice for the period starting with dinner on Sunday, July 2, through lunch on Saturday, July 8 (or throughout their half-Gathering registration period). 

  • Three meals a day in the cafeteria
  • Two meals a day (lunch and dinner) in the cafeteria
  • One meal a day (lunch) in the cafeteria (commuters only)
  • No meal plan (commuters only)

Meals will be served in the cafeteria, with options to take food outside to eat in outdoor eating areas.

Commuters may choose a meal plan or purchase individual meals for cash in the cafeteria. Part-time attenders may purchase individual meals for cash in the cafeteriaThere are also several restaurants within walking distance of campus.

Special Diets: Vegetarian and vegan and gluten-free dishes will be a part of all meals. Friends with medical dietary needs may be accommodated in the college cafeteria if they provide specific information about their requirements when they register.

Early Arrivals

Early housing: Friends arriving before Sunday, July 2 for a pre-Gathering event or workgrant pay Early Arrival room fees (a few early volunteers may receive an early housing fee waiver.)

Early meals: The Gathering meal plan begins with dinner on Sunday evening, July 2. Attenders of pre-Gathering retreats, or those who are otherwise on campus starting Friday night 6/30, can choose to purchase meals on site in the cafeteria. There are also several restaurants and cafes in easy walking distance of campus.

High School early arrival: Please read special arrangements and responsibilities regarding early arrival by High Schoolers.

No Pets

Pets are not allowed at the Gathering. Trained service animals are permitted – please arrange in advance with the Gathering Office.

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