The 2023 FGC Gathering will be held at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, OR, from July 2-July 8, 2023. There will also be some virtual programming for the 2023 Gathering.

Workshop proposals for the 2023 Gathering open in late August. Learn how to propose a workshop for the 2023 Gathering.

Workshops offer Gathering adults and high school participants the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Friends stay in the same workshop throughout the week, forming a small community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets in person from 9:00 to 11:45AM, Monday-Friday during Gathering. Most workshops include daily worship or worship sharing. 

We will offer several online-only workshop options at the 2023 Gathering, times TBD.

Workshops marked with * indicate workshops for different anti-racism experience levels. We have several offerings designed for people with different levels of experience and knowledge of anti-racism – learn more about anti-racism workshop levels.

Frequently Asked Questions about workshops

After registration opens, the workshops page is updated weekly to show which workshops have filled. When you register, you may discover that some workshops have filled since the webpage was updated.

We expect the workshop proposal form for the 2023 FGC Gathering to go live in late-August, 2022. Learn how to propose a workshop for the 2023 Gathering.

The 2023 Gathering will be at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon.

Workshops from the 2022 Gathering

All Workshops

Online Workshops

(CANCELLED) (bi)Cycles on the Land

Fossil fuels and consumerist culture keep us isolated from the land, deep history, natural beauty, water, and other sources of life where we live and travel. There’s a simple way to connect with the place where we are more mindfully and deeply: Biking.

Workshop Number: 4
Leaders: Avery J

Challenging Ethnic and Racial Divisions*

An advanced workshop for Friends actively engaged in racial justice work. We will share successful approaches to addressing White Supremacy and colonialism that will enhance our techniques for challenging racial and ethnic divisions. Participants must write a statement about their work.

Workshop Number: 5
Leaders: Vanessa Julye, Janice Domanik

Clerking with Joy and Confidence

This workshop will focus on all aspects, both theoretical and practical, of being a presiding clerk of a Friends meeting or committee. There will be handouts and opportunities for experience sharing. Most work will be done in a whole group setting. There will be a suggested $10 materials charge.

Workshop Number: 6
Leaders: Steve Mohlke

Crafting Memoir: writing your life stories (FULL)

Writing memoir helps you find your voice and reach out to others. By recording your memories, you create a legacy. In this workshop we will learn how to tell our life stories, humorous and serious, with a goal toward creating lasting pieces that entertain, inspire, and transform.

Workshop Number: 7
Leaders: Liz Yeats

Forgiveness as a Spiritual Practice

Anger, fear, grief, and pain hinder us from feeling connected with the Spirit and our own healing energies. Transformation occurs when we practice forgiveness, opening to a more peaceful way of being with self and others. This workshop focuses on tools and techniques for doing forgiveness work, not on therapy.

Workshop Number: 10
Leaders: Sue Regen, Lu and Kenn Harper

photos of Charlie Finn, Dave Pruett, and John Yungblut

John Yungblut: Quaker Mystic and Mentor

John Yungblut (1913-1995) was an Episcopalian priest turned Quaker, civil rights worker, beloved mentor, author, ecumenical pioneer, and mystic. In this workshop, two whose lives were deeply influenced by John will introduce participants to an extraordinary contemporary Quaker by examining his life, influences, writings, vision, and mysticism.

Workshop Number: 13
Leaders: Charlie Finn, Dave Pruett

(CANCELLED) Meaning, Science, and Unity in a Racially Divisive Context

Participants will consider four qualities (e.g., meaning) necessary to life and how their presence can foster anti-racism in individual lives and in Quaker processes. Lecture, discussion, worship sharing, and writing or drawing activities will be used. Participants will have an opportunity to apply concepts learned to racially charged situations.

Workshop Number: 14
Leaders: Patricia Gailey

(CANCELLED) Move the Money: Communities participating in building budgets

Communities want healthcare and housing, not weapons, war, and abusive policing systems – and people across the country are speaking out by participating in budget building! Join us to create your community’s “ideal” budget and learn how to make budget advocacy accessible to the people impacted by government spending.

Workshop Number: 15
Leaders: Tori Bateman, Peniel Ibe

Movement and mindfulness*

Movement and contemplative practices help us quiet the mind and tune into our bodies. As we come into harmony with each other, we are better able to address how racialized trauma is embodied. Learning to recognize how we hold the discomfort leads us to a place where healing can happen.

Workshop Number: 16
Leaders: Bette Hoover

Nontheism Among Friends

We will use activities and discussion to explore Quaker life not centered on belief in God. What is spirituality for nontheist Friends? What are our challenges? How can all Friends grow from theological diversity within Quakerism? All seekers will find a safe space to celebrate and deepen their spiritual lives.

Workshop Number: 17
Leaders: Robin Mallison Alpern

Power and Persistence: Friends of Color Celebrate

Through five distinct workshops, FGC Friends of color will build community by learning more about the historical, spiritual, cultural, and personal traditions of Friends of color in our communities.

Workshop Number: 18
Leaders: Rashid Darden

(CANCELLED) Prayer-Arts: ZenPen, BreathFeather, and QuillDance

We’ll begin with centering and proceed into trying ZenPen, a simple pen technique. Each participant will complete a feather-inspired drawing to use as a meditation focus. We will also relax our hands with easy mudras( hand poses) and breathing techniques, then utilize fabric ‘quills’ for movement-prayers….questions/ discussion invited…

Workshop Number: 19
Leaders: Allison (Sunny) Davidson

Restoryation and The Power of Stories

How do stories and myths relate to our lives today? What can we learn from ancient and modern stories and how can these connect us more deeply to each other and Divine? Together we’ll explore meaning, metaphor, and spirituality through the power of stories, including creating some of our own.

Workshop Number: 20
Leaders: Cai Quirk

Spiritual Companion Groups

Spiritual Companion Groups help us discover or revitalize the essence of Quaker practice: why we are Friends and how we embody Quaker faith and practice in daily life. Because Quaker practice is both individual and communal, our faith and meetings are strengthened when we practice with companions.

Workshop Number: 23
Leaders: Nadine Hoover, Joann Neuroth

Tai Chi, Lao Tsu, and Quaker Worship

This is principally a movement workshop. We will discover the experiences of body awareness, movement, internal energy (chi), and meditative practice. Participants will be taught a simplified tai chi form called Tai Chi Chih. We’ll also explore selections from the Taoist contemplative classic, the Tao Te Ching and Quaker worship.

Workshop Number: 25
Leaders: John Smallwood

The Three A’s of Anti-Racism

Awareness, Action, Accountability. Feel stuck or spiritually frustrated by anti-racism work? Don’t know where to start or what to do next? We’ll move along the path toward accountability using discussion, instruction, meditation, self-care activities, and journaling. Together we’ll each develop a travelogue …and follow me to a more just society.

Workshop Number: 28
Leaders: Melissa Preast, Ellie Troutman, and Abby Zukowski

Threads of Spirit

How does our handwork—be it spinning, knitting, beading, or any other hand creation—dovetail with our spiritual identity? Bring your work in progress or learn something new! We will explore how making can provide space for creativity, contemplation, and affirmation. Co-led by an experienced beader and an experienced knitter.

Workshop Number: 29
Leaders: dest/jess(ie)/etc. purvis, Judy Purvis

We Cry Justice: Reading the Bible with the Poor People’s Campaign

This book allows us to hear diverse voices as we reflect on Scripture. These voices present a just vision for the world and how we might be moved to act. We can only dip into the book; I expect each day to be an adventure and a challenge.

Workshop Number: 30
Leaders: Gail Thomas

Where the Words Come From

How do we better access the Source of vocal ministry, “where the words come from?” We will forge a community of depth and trust and from that place explore Spirit- led vocal ministry, using practices to better gather ourselves, listen, and distinguish the voice of the Divine from our own.

Workshop Number: 31
Leaders: Christopher Sammond

Who are Conservative Friends?

Conservative Friends are a small branch of the Quaker stream. This workshop will explore the historical roots and current practices of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) in order to offer participants an opportunity to explore their own beliefs and commitments.

Workshop Number: 32
Leaders: Andrew Wright

A Path to Health and Peace of Mind: Kundalini Yoga

The trauma inherent in our turbulent times calls for self-care and reflection in addition to continuing deep witness consciousness and an open heart. Kundalini Yoga can meet each of us where and as we are, can help develop a particular kind of strength and endurance that leads to contemplative activism.

Workshop Number: 35
Leaders: Ann Ritter

Listening Meetings and Organizations into Wholeness

In this experiential workshop we will, in worship, study together deep listening, brainstorming, forgiveness, exercises from the Alternatives to Violence Project and more, gaining skills to help Meetings and organizations find and name their unspoken truth, strengthen their unity of understanding, resolve issues and conflicts they face.

Workshop Number: 36
Leaders: Tom Rothschild

(CANCELLED) Couples Enrichment – Connecting Practices

Friends Couple Enrichment workshops enable couples in committed relationships to deepen their intimacy, spiritual connection, communication, love, and playfulness. Exploring vulnerability and connection within a supportive community enables couples to have the courage to reach a deeper level of intimacy. Advanced communication skills build on testimonies and practices.

Workshop Number: 39
Leaders: Jose Maria Gonzalez, Maria del Carmen Gomez

A Moral Purpose of Atheist Friendship

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce friends to alternative ways of understanding atheism, and to introduce ways in which atheism can be used to understand, interrogate and criticize religion’s collaboration with Empire, especially its characteristics of racism, sexism, classism, and to ‘see’ our new cultural gods.

Workshop Number: 100
Leaders: Tom Kunesh

Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart, For They Shall See God (Matthew 5:8)

Together we will read scriptures pointing to love and inseparable oneness. This invitation explores the transformational power of loving self, family, community, and the amazing planet we live on. With breathing, queries, journaling, and worship sharing, we step too deepen our capacity for repair and healing.

Workshop Number: 101
Leaders: .O

(CANCELLED) Climate Change Journey: Awakening to Hope

Our workshop will journey through the science, impacts, and causes of climate change to hope for addressing it. Slides will present information and prompt discussion. Queries will invite reflection. Past workshop participants ranged from Friends with basic questions to some who have taught climate change. All are welcome!

Workshop Number: 102
Leaders: Emily Northrop

Color Brave Conversation: White Friends Look at Privilege*

Conversations, Role Play, and Sharing of Stories for Friends of European Descent at a beginning to intermediate level. We will grow, together, in our understanding of privilege and the barriers Friends may unknowingly create to a welcoming, nourishing, beloved community. Learn to recognize and interrupt microaggressions.

Workshop Number: 103
Leaders: Miriam Mulsow, Jaya Karsemeyer Bone

Daily Extended Meeting for Worship

The experience of worshipful communion with Spirit is beyond words to describe. We meet in silence to open ourselves to the experience of God’s presence in us and among us, giving ourselves over to God’s loving care and power.

Workshop Number: 104
Leaders: Jorge Arauz

Eating with Christ: Embodied Spirituality and Food

“I will come in and eat with you, and you with me (Rev 3:20).” For Friends and Attenders who want to follow Spirit when they make choices about food, drink, and physical activity in daily life.

Workshop Number: 105
Leaders: Barbara Birch

(CANCELLED) Quakerism 101: An Introduction

This workshop will provide a framework to better understand Quakers (mainly unprogrammed, theologically diverse Friends), and give participants an opportunity to reflect and converse with fellow seekers. It is designed for relative newcomers and as a refresher for more experienced Friends. We will explore Quaker spirituality, history, and practices.

Workshop Number: 106
Leaders: Michael Levi, Jade Eaton

Siguiendo al Jesús de la Paz en Latinoamérica – Following Jesus by Peacebuilding in Latin America

Buscar la paz desde nosotros e impactar a otros, enfocándonos en una espiritualidad de autoconocimiento y transformación en La Luz del Espíritu, propia del Reinado de Dios. Vamos a desarrollar técnicas que transforman nuestra sociedad a una más justa, más igualitaria, donde todas las personas caben, evitando barreras de cualquier tipo. El taller es solo en español. This workshop is only in Spanish.

Workshop Number: 107
Leaders: Salomón Medina, Loren Escobar

SPICE (+) Up Your Sex Life: Self-Care for BIPOC

Please join us for a dedicated time of self-care and community building as we examine the topic of sex and spirituality. Together, we will explore what it means to be both spiritual and sexual beings; pursuing, seeking, and embracing our freedom to enjoy pleasure despite the trauma and oppression that disproportionately affect people of color.

Workshop Number: 108
Leaders: Regina Renee Nyègbeh

What Does It Mean to be a friend?

Together, intergenerationally, we will be invited to get out of our Quaker brains and into our childlike selves to figure out the basics of what it means to be a friend. How might this new understanding inform our lives as f/Friends in the world?

Workshop Number: 110
Leaders: Lilia Fick, David Male

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