What is Pay as Led?

Pay as Led is a method of offering sliding scale pricing so that the virtual Gathering is more accessible for people with a wide range of abilities to pay. We are all enriched by a broad diversity of attenders. For Friends, Pay as Led can be an act of faith for economic justice.

What do my registration fees pay for at a virtual Gathering?

While on-site rentals and room and board costs are eliminated in a virtual Gathering, administrative costs remain. The Gathering staff works year-round to support the Gathering Committee’s plans and make them come to fruition. FGC maintains office space, equipment, utilities, and the internet access, platforms and software that a virtual Gathering is built on. Hiring experts to manage the technical aspects of livestreaming the evening plenary programs and purchasing software for an online participant schedule are two examples of expenditures necessary for a quality experience. Your registration fees pay for the infrastructure that makes the Gathering happen.

How do I figure out what to pay?

We have three set price categories, as well as a fourth option, “Choose Your Price,” where you can choose a different price that you are able to pay. We ask that you prayerfully consider your financial resources and the value you believe the Gathering brings to your life and to Friends. Based on this personal reflection, we invite you to choose the fee level you are called to pay. You can also make an additional donation to the Gathering.

Pay as Led fee levels

  • Abundant Sharing: This amount covers the cost of your attendance plus an extra amount towards others attending, helping to equalize the cost for everyone.
  • Traditional Price: This amount covers the cost for your attendance at the Gathering.
  • Limited Resources: For those with limited financial resources who want to pay a set price.
  • Choose Your Price: If none of the above options seems right for you, you can write-in your own price.

You can review the fee level options for your event package here. When you register, you will select the amount you are able to pay.

You can donate to support the Gathering when you register. Your gift will support Gathering attenders with limited resources and will help FGC maintain a vital and thriving Gathering for years to come. Any payment you make beyond Traditional Price is considered a donation to FGC and is tax deductible.

Scholarships and Workgrants

Because the 2022 virtual Gathering is Pay as Led, we are not offering scholarships or workgrants for virtual attenders. Instead, we ask that you prayerfully consider your volunteer contribution to the Gathering, your financial resources, and the value the Gathering brings to Friends and to your own life when you choose your fee level.

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