Friends General Conference programs help Friends to nurture the spiritual life of meeting communities; transform relationships within meetings; enrich worship; learn together; welcome newcomers; and improve practice of Quaker processes.

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Young Adult & Youth Ministries

FGC is piloting a Spiritual Mentorship Program for youth and young adults interested in developing their spiritual gifts of clerking, discernment, and community leadership.

Ministry on Racism

The Ministry on Racism Program offers assistance and support to meetings that want to develop their racial and ethnic awareness, increase their diversity, and address the impact of the institution of racism on our Society

The Gathering

The 2022 FGC Gathering will be held online July 3rd through 9th. YAY, an in-person Young Adult and Youth event for families, children, teens, and young adults (ages 0 – 35) will take place in Radford, VA from July 6-10, 2022.

Spiritual Deepening Program

There are two ways to Go Deeper with Spiritual Deepening: the Spiritual Deepening Library and Spiritual Deepening eRetreats.

QuakerPress Publishing

Through QuakerPress Publishing, Friends General Conference publishes resources with the goal of nurturing Quaker meetings and individual Friends. Books published by QuakerPress must be on topics that address one or more of FGC’s major goals. QuakerPress publishes print books, ebooks, and pamphlets, and has produced CDs and digital resources in the past. Friends General Conference,…

Quaker Cloud

The Quaker Cloud is a subscription-based unique service that was designed for Quakers by Quakers. Your subscription includes an easy to use website that will introduce your meeting to the wider community, a secure archive for your meeting minutes and a membership directory visible only to the members of your meeting.

Quaker Communications Community of Practice (QCCOP)

The Quaker Communications Community of Practice (QCCOP) is a group of volunteer Friends and staff members who are committed to best practice in website design, social media excellence, and advancements in technology that benefit Friends meetings. QCCOP is the successor to Quaker Cloud. Members of QCCOP support one another through a peer-to-peer community managed by…

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