Changing Times Conference – Addressing the Changes Needed Today

The Changing Times Conference was held online, January 18-21. One hundred eighty-five Friends from at least nineteen different yearly meetings joined together to worship, listen, and engage in a rich and deep sharing.   The conference’s first day was focused on our connection to Spirit. Friends heard Francisco Burgos, Pendle Hill’s Executive Director, share what…

Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

A description of staff roles at Friends General Conference, or FGC.

Reforming the Modern Prison System With Quaker Values in Mind

The modern prison system is a legacy of Quaker ideology, asserts Christina Pan, FGC’s intern through the Georgetown VIEW Program.

We met the Gathering Together Campaign Goal!

We are thrilled to share wonderful news! Thanks to your generous support, that of many Friends, monthly and yearly meetings, and grant partners we met the $2.4M goal of the Gathering Together campaign! Thank You Thank you so much to everyone who made this campaign a success: We are filled with joy and gratitude for…

Yearly Meeting News Update – January 6, 2023

Friends General Conference shares the following yearly meeting announcements that may be of interest to Friends in the United States and Canada.

The Concerns of Public Ministry

by Windy Cooler I need to find ways to put my love into the world. It is frustrating but the Society of Friends does not have the kinds of relationships I longed for. What [I have] learned was a lot of people were getting hurt. A public minister in the liberal tradition, Fall 2023

FGC Office Closed December 25-26

Friends General Conference will be closed on December 25 and December 26. The office will reopen on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

Yearly Meeting News Update – December 7, 2023

Friends General Conference shares the following yearly meeting announcements that may be of interest to Friends in the United States and Canada.

Give the Gift of Presence

In the preface to his new biography, Dancing with History, Quaker activist and author George Lakey states, “I find there is something deeply human about wanting to show up—to be as Latin American activists might say, ‘presente!’ One way I think of my life’s mission for peace, justice, and equality is to make it right…

What is a Quaker Public Minister?

by Windy Cooler Throughout Friends General Conference, Friends are taking up the cause of “right relationship,” as 18th-century Quaker public minister John Woolman advocated. This cause involves addressing previously taboo issues and bringing hidden hurts into the healing light. This is the essence of a public minister’s role: summoning the courage to confront harsh realities,…

Choosing a Web Host

Quaker web workers discuss web hosts. Friends focus on Wordpress, the Quaker Meetings Network, and Google Sites.

Yearly Meeting News Update for October 25, 2023

…apply is August 30. Illinois Yearly Meeting Virtual Meeting for Worship: There is a yearly-meeting-wide virtual meeting for worship every month on the 10th of the month. It’s held at…


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