Rashid Darden Promoted to Associate Secretary for Communications and Outreach

Rashid Darden has been promoted to the position of Associate Secretary for Communications and Outreach for Friends General Conference.

Celebrate Library Lovers’ Month with FGC!

Did you know that each year, the entire month of February is devoted to libraries and the people who love them?

Vital Friends: Getting Your Work Noticed

J. Brent Bill is a Quaker who’s been publishing articles and books since 1983. In that time, he’s learned a thing or three about getting his work published.

Seeds That Change the World: New from Quaker Press

Quaker Press of FGC is pleased to announce its first new release in almost four years – Debbie Humphries’ Seeds that Change the World: Essays on Quakerism, Spirituality, Faith, and Culture.

FGC Publications & Distribution: A Short History

By Wesley Mason Well, wasn’t there always a Publications and Distribution (P&D;) program? No, like everything else we had a beginning. While FGC always produced publications of some type, the genesis of the current Publications and Distribution Program seems to have been in 1972 when FGC first formed a Religious Education (RE) Committee. Previously, written…

Publications & Distribution: Past, Present and Future

By Pat Fox The Publications and Distribution Committee came together for a weekend retreat February 19-21, 2001. We gathered at the Burlington Meetinghouse and Conference Center to finish our business plan, one that the committee worked on for the past year and would use for the next several years. Our working documents reflected aspects of…

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