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Adult Young Friends

Photo by Mike Goren

Welcome to the Adult Young Friends info page!

Adult Young Friends (AYF) is a self-led, intentional community of Friends (and friends of Friends and the Friend-curious, of course) in the 18 to 35 age range who come together at Gathering to support, inspire, and challenge each other in our life journeys. We represent a wide variety of backgrounds, and hail from all over the world of Quakerdom. 

Participants in AYF are involved in almost every aspect of the Gathering as a whole, and AYF also has a number of events of our own going on throughout the week. We strengthen our community through worship, meeting for business, fellowship, and celebration. We play games, hold support groups, sing, participate in a cabaret, and go on a field trip. We meet fascinating young Quakers from all over the world. We create a community in which we can grow, bond, and strengthen our connection to our chosen faith.

How to Participate

Check the AYF program box when you register and we will send you more information about specific events as the Gathering nears.

You are welcome to participate in our program to whatever degree you find most beneficial. You can choose to stay in our housing cluster, or you can live in whatever other housing arrangements suit you. In either case you may attend your choice of AYF activities while still participating in as many of the other Gathering options as time and energy allow. You are welcome to come and just hang out, but if you'd like to become more involved with the AYF program at Gathering that would be fantastic too.

Adult Young Friends Retreat

Read more about our pre-Gathering retreat, (title TBD) on Saturday, June 30th.

Financial Aid

Not sure you can afford to come to Gathering? There are many financial aid options available.