Seeking Peace and Justice After Gaza:
Is a Two State Solution Still Possible?

Tuesday, July 2, 2024
7pm EDT
Haverford College
in Haverford, Pennsylvania

A 2024 Gathering Evening Program

Jonathan Kuttab is a Christian Palestinian attorney and well-known international human rights activist.  He co-founded Al Haq, the award winning Palestinian Human Rights organization as well as Nonviolence International.  Jonathan is a member of the Bar Associations in Palestine, Israel and New York, practicing law in the United States, Palestine, and Israel.  Jonathan is also a resident of East Jerusalem and is a partner of Kuttab, Khoury, and Hanna Law Firm in East Jerusalem. As a lawyer, Jonathan has worked with Palestinians who are wrongfully imprisoned, sometimes with no charges, including those who have seen their homes bulldozed and their olive trees seized to make way for Israeli settlements.  He has witnessed violence and terrible injustice, and yet is committed to unrelenting peaceful activism.  He frequently writes and speaks about legal issues in Israel/Palestine.    Jonathan is the author of Beyond the Two-State Solution, a vision for the future of Palestine/Israel that accommodates Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs in an inclusive democratic state, suggesting that any solution be predicated on the basic existential needs of the two parties.  He has also recently completed his memoir, The Truth Shall Set You Free, that tells his personal journey from anger and thoughts of violence to his deep commitment to working for peace and justice in Palestine/Israel.  Jonathan is currently the Executive Director of Friends of Sabeel, North America (

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