Before you arrive:

  • Complete a parent/guardian release form. Help us prepare to give your child the best possible week by sharing joys, struggles, achievements and challenges. We need a completed form for all participating children and youth. Parents can complete the form online and will be prompted to sign it virtually after you hit the “Submit” button.
  • Carefully read the confirmation email and electronic mailing from Junior Gathering in June (JG Times and letter from group leader).
  • Check out the Junior Gathering FAQs.
  • Connect with other parents who have been to FGC Gathering before.

We need a completed form for all High School Program Participants, regardless of age.

Packing: What to Bring

All Ages

  • A mask (N95, KN-95 or KN-94)
  • bathing suit & towel
  • sunscreen (fragrance free)
  • hat
  • insect repellant (if you use it)
  • sweater/sweatshirt
  • labeled water bottle
  • change of clothes
  • sleeping bag/bedding if your child is sleeping on the floor of your room.
  • helmet (if you bring bike, skateboard, scooter etc).

Additional items to bring for…

Oaks (middle school)

  • sturdy sandals/shoes
  • sunglasses
  • watch/non-cell phone way to tell time

Think about bringing:

  • music/musical instruments
  • sports stuff to share (frisbee, soccer ball)
  • Games to share without a screen (cards, board games)

*During group time you will not need anything you cannot share as a group, including video games & cell phones. Please leave those in your room.

Acorns (infants, toddlers, and preschoolers)

  • stroller/carrier (if applicable)
  • diaper bag and extra diapers/pull-ups
  • necessary items (sippy cup, blanket, diapers etc.)
  • rain jacket
  • clothes and flip-flops/sandals that can get wet
  • sneakers/shoes that tie or velcro on
  • special toy/game/book for comfort
  • you may want a portable crib/play pen for your dorm room.

*Label everything with child’s name.

Open House & Orientation

Open House for Acorns, Sprouts, Saplings, and Pine Trees (birth-rising 6th grade)

Sunday, June 30 – afternoon/evening

This is a time for you and your child to meet the staff and other children. Coordinators will discuss plans and expectations for the week. Parents/sponsors can discuss their child’s needs with staff and identify responsible adults with permission to sign out their child.

Orientation for Oaks (rising 7-9th grade)

Sunday, June 30 – evening

REQUIRED for Oak participant and one parent/sponsor. Meet staff and other participants and learn about the guidelines and plans for the week. This is when Oaks will indicate their workshop choices, if applicable.

For more information, see the Junior Gathering FAQs

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