Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

The Gathering

Taste the vibrancy and the variety that is available by immersing yourself in this community of Friends for a week. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you — in person — to the 2019 FGC Gathering!

2019 Location: Grinnell College in Grinnell, IA

2019 Date: June 30-July 6, 2019

2019 Theme: Peace in Our Hearts, Justice in the World

Learn what happened at the 2018 Gathering "The Power of Truth" in Toledo, OH

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The week of the Gathering is packed with programs and events, from small group morning workshops to public evening plenaries, and programs for children, teens and young adults.

We look forward to experiencing the power of truth with you this summer in the midwestern port city of Toledo. Early Friends greeted one another by asking, “How does the truth prosper among you?” The Gathering offers a time and place for us to seek and share examples of the many ways truth prospers in our lives and communities.

Registration opens April 1, 2019 (about 10 am) - register early to maximize access to workshops and financial aid. Check here for information on other registration dates and financial aid, and to learn about changes we've made to the Gathering.

The University of Toledo, in Toledo, OH, on Lake Erie.

Read more about the campus, field trips, and points of interest in the Great Lakes region

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A good overview of the Gathering in video form. Directed and edited by Amala Lane. Thank you to all of the volunteer videographers!

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