These are the events offered at the 2023 Gathering that will be for People of Color only – more are in the planning process. If you live life and identify as a Person of Color, please join us. To understand why People of Color-only spaces are necessary, read this article from The Arrow.

Pre-Gathering Retreat

The Pre-Gathering Retreat for People of Color and their Families will be held in advance of the Gathering. The retreat will be hybrid. Learn more about the retreat.

Other Events

During the Gathering, the People of Color Center hosts programs each afternoon, some of which are open only to People of Color. Our intention for this time together is to create a space for People of Color to share their experiences in an environment where they can begin to heal as a community.

Housing Cluster

There is a People of Color housing cluster available to Friends of Color who choose this option, their roommates, and their family members who would like to be housed in a dorm near other Friends of Color and their roommates or family members. To be in this cluster, select it as your housing cluster choice on your Gathering registration.

Year-Round Events

For more information about year-round events for People of Color, visit the FGC Ministry on Racism program pages on Fall and Spring Retreats for Friends of Color, Virtual Worships for People of Color, and Virtual Retreats for Youth of Color.

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