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Half-Gathering Option (Adults only)

Adult Friends may choose to register for half of the Gathering and choose on-campus housing, or they may commute. There are two half-Gathering options:

  • arrive Sunday July 2 and depart Wednesday July 5 OR
  • arrive Wednesday July 5 and depart Saturday July 8

Friends choosing the first half may arrive early (extra fees apply).

Half-Gathering meal plans include Sunday dinner thorugh Wednesday lunch OR Wednesday supper through Saturday breakfast.  The meal plans which feature "cooperatively cooked dinner" are not available to half-Gathering registrants.

Housing: Singles and shared rooms are both available.  However, because of the small number of people registered for half a Gathering, if you sign up for a double room and we are unable to find you a roommate, we will change your housing to a single and change your price accordingly.  Doubles are only guaranteed for those who register with a roommate for the same half-Gathering.  Cluster preferences will be accommodated on a space available basis after housing full-time registrants. We will not house a half-Gathering registrant with a full-Gathering registrant.

Workshops: Choose a workshop open to half-Gathering or part-time registrants.

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Friends may choose to make their own off-site housing arrangements for the Gathering.  All of these Friends are considered commuters, whether they are camping in a private campground (the FGC camping option is considered "on campus"), staying at a hotel, or commuting from home. They may register for the full Gathering, for a half-Gathering, or as part-time registrants on a per day basis.

Commuters' "housing" fee:  Commuters who register for the full or half-Gathering must choose the "Commuter" housing plan (housing fees include college fees which is why there is a housing charge for commuters).

Commuters' meal-plan options:  Commuters who register for the full or half-Gathering may choose a meal plan, or choose "no meal plan."  The cooperative cooking options are available to full-time commuters/campers, but not to half-Gathering registrants. (2017 meal plan prices should be available by January.)

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Part-Time Registrants

Part-time registrants choose to regiser for one to five days of the Gathering.  Some part-time registrants may prefer the half-Gathering option.  The  per diem part-time registration fee includes neither on-site housing nor meals.  Return here in mid March to find out which meals are available on campus on a cash basis. When they register, part-time registrants may choose one of the workshops open to part-time registrants.

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Payments and Deposits

Deposits: The minimum deposit is the Program Fee(s) for your party, due when you register. However, if you are applying for financial aid from your meeting or from FGC, a deposit is due after you learn of aid granted. Deposits and other payments may be made by credit/debit card, electronic check, or paper check. FGC pays twice the fees for reward cards. Whenever possible, avoid Visa Signature Preferred and Mastercard World Cards.

Canadian Payments: Payments made in Canadian dollars will be credited with the prevailing exchange rate at our financial institution on the day of deposit.

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Transportation Fees

Read details about arranging transportation from the airport, train, or bus station.

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Cancellation Fees

Read the Gathering's cancellation policy.

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Additional Fees and Surcharges

  • Registrant-initiated changes to meal plans or housing after May 31: $15.
  • College fees for lost room keys and swipe access/meal cards, room damages, and lockouts will be charged to the registrant. Check this page in mid-March for detailed fee amounts.
  • Returned check fees will be charged to the registrant.

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