Dreaming Sanctuary Retreat Draws 50 Friends

Friends General Conference and Pendle Hill cosponsor an intergenerational LGBTQ+ retreat space.

The Concerns of Public Ministry

by Windy Cooler I need to find ways to put my love into the world. It is frustrating but the Society of Friends does not have the kinds of relationships I longed for. What [I have] learned was a lot of people were getting hurt. A public minister in the liberal tradition, Fall 2023

What is a Quaker Public Minister?

by Windy Cooler Throughout Friends General Conference, Friends are taking up the cause of “right relationship,” as 18th-century Quaker public minister John Woolman advocated. This cause involves addressing previously taboo issues and bringing hidden hurts into the healing light. This is the essence of a public minister’s role: summoning the courage to confront harsh realities,…

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