Anti-Racist Clerking Screener

This screener offers questions for reflection and discernment for Friends who are current or rising clerks, and Friends who participate in business meetings and on committees.

The Ministry on Racism Program: Upcoming Events and Recommended Resources

Explore upcoming events with the Ministry on Racism Program at FGC, and discover resources for language justice and access!

FGC Condemns Capitol Attack; Calls for De-escalation and Truthful Dialogue

Friends General Conference condemns the act of insurrection at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. and prays for the safety of everyone involved.

FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: January 2021 Update

We’re sharing a new poem, Raising a Voice by Deveena D. Reed, plus Part II of Carolyn Lejuste and David Etheridge’s three-part series on fostering anti-racist Quaker meetings.

Vital Friends: Anti-Racism Work and Couple Enrichment

FCE teaches peacemaking begins at home and home is where we practice the behaviors making us vessels for peacemaking.

Antiracism In Popular Films: A Discussion Group

This series will allow those of us who identify as white to educate ourselves about racism by discussing films that come from People of Color’s lived experience. 

How our Meeting Houses affect our efforts to become actively anti-racist faith communities

How can Quaker meeting houses and worship spaces can become more welcoming and inclusive of everyone who comes into them.

Sharing Faith and Practice in Swahili: Buffalo Monthly Meeting’s Story

Sue Tannehill shares a story about a family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who worked with her Quaker community to create an English-to-Swahili translation of New York Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice.

Vital Friends: Responding to Systemic Racism with Systemic Love

Many Friends, wishing to see that of God affirmed in all people, have already committed themselves to dismantling systemic racism within the Religious Society of Friends and beyond.

FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: May 2020 Update

In this month’s update, Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee member Jaya Karsemeyer Bone shares her suggestions for navigating difficult conversations around racism (with supporting words contributed by Regina Renee Ward).

FGC’s Anti-Racism Ministry: April 2020 Update

Vanessa and Olivia extend an invitation to worship for Friends of Color, and Marta talks about why now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, is the time to check your privilege.


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