FGC is hiring a Ministry on Racism Associate

2023 FGC Ministry on Racism Staff

Provisional Approved July 20, 2023
Term-limited: 1 year
Application Deadline: August 11, 2023

Job Title: Ministry on Racism Program Associate

The Ministry on Racism Program (MRP) Associate supports the MRP Coordinator and Manager with helping Friends understand and end racism and ageism against youth of Color, transforming our religious society into a beloved community, whole and enriched by racial, ethnic, and age diversity and equity. This term-limited position will support programs and services to Friends and Friends meetings, largely to affiliated meetings in the unprogrammed Quaker tradition in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  The MRP Associate will work with, and be a part of, various staff and volunteer committees across the organization including the Committee for Nurturing Ministries (CNM), the Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee (IAIC), Friends for Racial Equity and Education (FREE FGC), Quaker Coalition for Uprooting Racism (QCUR), Racial Wounding Response Committee, Communications staff, and other staff as appropriate. The Associate assists the MRP and relevant committees with their routine work of planning retreats, events, and conferences, and deals with inquiries from monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings. The Associate supports the FGC staff in its anti-racism work and identifies resources that nurture anti-racism within the Religious Society of Friends. 

The COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory for this position (unless you have a medical exemption.) Applicants need to live in North America and we are not accepting applications from anyone who is not authorized to work in the USA. This is a full-time Term Limited position for a one-year period beginning September 14, 2023 and ending September 30, 2024. This position may be renewed dependent on funding.

Desired Qualifications

Education and Training: College degree preferred but not required

Experience with or a desire to develop:

  1. Relationship with people of a range of backgrounds regarding age, race, gender, geography, and sexuality.
  2. Analysis and understanding of racism and other forms of oppression in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
  3. Openness to a deeper understanding of how their personal identities impact their experience of the world
  4. Organizing events.
  5. Experience with conducting research.
  6. Commitment to ending racism in the Religious Society of Friends and beyond


  1. Listening with sensitivity and compassion to people
  2. Planning and organization – ability to keep track of many simultaneous projects
  3. Effective written and verbal communication, both virtual and in-person
  4. Research – ability to find appropriate educational resources for a range of audiences
  5. Editing
  6. Self-starting and supporting opportunities for collaboration across groups
  7. Navigation of word processing, database management, and website editing software, as well as Zoom, Slack, Excel and Canva
  8. Flexibility and adaptability


  1. Familiarity with the Religious Society of Friends.
  2. Available for weekly evening meetings and limited periodic travel, including weekends.
  3. Able to work effectively and efficiently out of one’s own home.
  4. Understands the importance of anti-racism efforts.  Has an openness to go deeper personally as well as to assist Quaker meetings and individuals concerning this issue.

Duties and Responsibilities

Assist the MRP Coordinator and Manager with:

  1. Ongoing virtual and in-person events and conferences by:
    a. Creating registration, evaluation forms and name tags
    b. Generate materials to publicize these events
    c. Correspondence with planning committees and attendees
    d. Provide tech support including setting up Zoom or other technology-based meetings
  2. Support and participate in:
    a. Meetings of the CNM, FREE FGC, IAIC, QCUR and Racial Wounding committees.
    b. Facilitating Quaker participation in the White Privilege Conference.
    c. Facilitate some FREE anti-racism education activities at staff meetings.
    d. Implementation of the recommendations from the 2018 Institutional Assessment on racism in FGC.
  3. Help to connect MRP’s work with other parts of the organization, such as:
    a. Communications (website, social media, Vital Friends newsletter)
    b. Development (database maintenance, supporting fundraising)
    c. The Gathering (supporting anti-racism training with Gathering committees and workshop leaders, supporting the Pre-Gathering Retreat for Friends of Color & their Families).
    d. The Spiritual Deepening program (assist in finding facilitators, collaborate on programming relevant to anti-racism)
  4. Take notes at event planning, committee, and other meetings and distribute to people who serve in those appropriate bodies.
  5. Develop content and resources for the FGC website concerning the MRP and keep those pages updated.
  6. Strategize with relevant committees, the MRP Coordinator and Manager about how to support FGC’s commitment to transform into an actively anti-racist faith community.
  7. Gather up-to-date information on ongoing anti-racism work in monthly & yearly meetings. Collect ideas from those meetings on how FGC can serve this work.
  8. Help to bring new volunteers into the work of the MRP by relationship building at events.
  9. Other duties as assigned by MRP Coordinator and Manager.

Supervisor: Ministry on Racism Coordinator
Hours: Full time (35 hours/week) (5 days)
Location: Anywhere in North America with reliable Internet and Phone Access
Pay: Non-exempt, hourly rate.  $24.73/hour with health and other benefits


To apply for this position, please e-mail your resume, cover letter, and three references with the subject line “Ministry on Racism Program Associate Application” to Susan Lee Barton. Applications will be accepted until Friday, August 11, 2023.

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