What’s Next in FGC Events?

Six people of different ages wearing maska and looking at the camera with their arms around one another

Shifting social, financial, ecological, spiritual, and public health realities call us to experiment with new practices in how we gather together as Friends. Here’s what Friends General Conference is planning as we continue the work of listening and discernment.

Gathering of Friends (In-Person)

The all-ages, in-person Gathering of Friends will be offered in 2024. After that, it will take place in even-numbered years, alternating with Virtual and YAY Gatherings.

Young Adult and Youth (YAY) Gathering

Beginning in 2025, and in alternate years following, YAY Gathering will bring together young adults, youth and their families, and volunteers of all ages for in-person community.

Virtual Gathering

In odd-numbered years, a full program of Gathering events will be offered online!

More Experiments to Come!

Online, in-person, and hybrid events in the works include a Spiritual Deepening retreat, hybrid retreat for Friends of Color, and more to be discerned.

Other Events

Friends General Conference reminds you of the other events which take place throughout the year, besides Gathering:

From time to time, there are opportunities to participate in interfaith and inter-Christian activities as coordinated through the Christian and Interfaith Relations Committee (CIRC), such as the Parliament of World’s Religions and the World Council of Churches.

And stay tuned for a slate of workshops for Quaker webmasters and social media managers through the Quaker Communications Community of Practice!

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