Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: April 2019

The Institutional Assessment Working Group has continued its work as a Naming body for the assessment’s Implementation Group that was created at the last FGC Central Committee meeting.

FGC’s Institutional Assessment on Systemic Racism: March 2019 Update

Last month, FGC’s Vital Friends eNewsletter reported the winter Executive Committee approval of Friends to serve on the Implementation Group.

October Report from the Institutional Assessment on Systemic Racism Task Force: Recommendations & FGC Central Committee 2018 Discernment

Two years after Friends General Conference’s governing body approved the initiation of an institutional assessment on systemic racism, a full report and summary with recommendations are now available.

Vanessa Julye’s Uprooting Racism Keynote Address Featured in Western Friend

This summer, Vanessa Julye, the Coordinator of FGC’s Ministry on Racism program, delivered an honest, inspirational keynote address to Friends at North Pacific Yearly Meeting.

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: October 2018

The next phase of our work has begun: analyzing and summarizing data, crafting recommendations, and planning our presentation for the fall Central Committee.

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: September 2018

The FGC Institutional Assessment on Racism survey completed on July 31, 2018 – with 1,168 respondents!

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: August 2018

The IAR enjoyed considerable exposure during July at the 2018 Gathering and NYYM summer session.

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update: June 2018

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the IAR survey will remain open through the end of the Gathering.

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update and Survey Launch: May 2018

The Institutional Assessment (IA) Survey of FGC Friends aims to identify evidence of institutional racism that may have crept into FGC’s practices and procedures.

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update April 2018

The Institutional Assessment Task Force has created a timeline of major milestones from now until October.

Institutional Assessment on Racism Update March 2018

The Institutional Assessment Task Force continues to lay the groundwork for gathering evidence of the gap between our perception and our reality of systemic racism within Friends General Conference.


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