A Gathering Epistle From “Acting Out a New Story” Workshop

July 5, 2024 To All Friends Everywhere Eleven Friends gathered this week at Haverford College during Friends General Conference, under the theme of Acting out a New Story, Singing A New Song.  We’d like to tell you our experience even if this expression is an imperfect sketch of something impossible to put it into words. …

Top 5 Resources for the Gathering

Here is a checklist to jump-start your registration process for the FGC Gathering. The 2024 Gathering will be in Haverford, PA from June 30-July 6.

Epistle from Hybrid Spring Retreat for Friends of Color

An overview of the hybrid retreat offered by FGC’s Ministry on Racism Program

FGC Staff Attend White Privilege Conference

Highlights from the 2024 White Privilege Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma

A Focus on Gathering

I returned to work at FGC in the fall of 2022 for a ten-month interim job.  By summer, I was clear that I enjoyed the work, and the co-workers, and I agreed to stay for another two years as Associate Secretary for Ministries. In this role, I supervise Gathering staff and other program staff, as…

How to Pay for FGC Gathering

Tips from FGC to help make the 2024 Gathering more financially accessible.

“Encountering Spirit” Draws 91 Friends

FGC’s newest experiment, the Encountering Spirit Retreat, brought together 135 Friends from five different countries.

Registering for Gathering

Quick links to learn more about registration, financial aid, and tips for first-time attenders.

Dreaming Sanctuary Retreat Draws 50 Friends

Friends General Conference and Pendle Hill cosponsor an intergenerational LGBTQ+ retreat space.

Quaker News Update – February 27, 2024

Friends General Conference shares the following yearly meeting announcements that may be of interest to Friends in the United States and Canada.


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