FGC Welcomes New Ministry on Racism Program Assistant Linnea Halsten

Linnea Halsten began worshiping with Friends at Atlanta Monthly meeting when she was a Quaker Voluntary Service Fellow. During her year with QVS, Linnea connected deeply with Quakerism, as she saw the testimonies of equity and integrity actively play out in meetings and programming. She was extremely moved by the many established communal practices friends had to support one another.

Linnea’s spiritual background and home is Zen Buddhism in Thich Nhat Hanh’s tradition which she has been practicing for the past seven years. However, she continues to be spiritually curious about Friends and eager to explore Quakerism – feeling drawn to its wisdom and practices.

Despite an increasing dislike of winter, Linnea will be working remotely from Minneapolis, MN. She is thrilled be supporting FGC’s Ministry on Racism Programming. She Says “My belief in anti-racism as the nexus of so much needed change has me think of this position as one beyond a job and instead the work of my spiritual calling. I am continually drawn and inspired by the power relationships and communities hold and see their cultivation as a necessary medicine to our countries white supremacist condition.”

Prior to Joining FGC Linnea was working remotely for Oberlin College as their Sustained Dialogue Coordinator.  She ran thier ‘Barefoot Dialogue’ program, designed to bring students from various backgrounds/beliefs to have vulnerable dialogue across difference, ultimately to seek meaning over agreement. Before that She was in Atlanta for her fellowship year with QVS. Her site placement was Partnership for Southern Equity. About her work with this organization she says, “I was fortunate to learn from Black leaders in communities as we fought for equitable development in their areas.”

In her short time with FGC, Linnea has been deeply touched and energized by the focus Friends have put towards centering anti-racism work.  She especially wants to uplift Vanessa Julye and the Friends of Color who have done so much to center anti-racism and get FGC to where it is today.  She says, “The work of anti-racism is huge, but I believe as long as we continue to meaningfully engage with it we are taking steps on the path. I am grateful to get to work alongside you all on this.”

Please join us in welcoming Linnea Halsten to FGC!

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