Pre-Gathering Retreat for Friends of Color and their families, 2015

The Ministry on Racism (MoR) provides many regular, occasional, and annual opportunities for Friends of Color to gather in mutual support, for white friends to confront racism, and to assist all Friends to move towards building an anti-racist faith communities.

Some of the programing that the Ministry on Racism runs consists of; Friend of Color only worships and worship sharing. A weekly worship for white Friends committed to anti-racism. Fall and Spring Retreats for Friends of Color with annual regional weekend retreats. The Pre-Gathering Retreat for Friends of Color and their family members- a spiritually grounding and community building prelude to the annual FGC gathering. Partnering to support Quakers attendance of The White Privilege Conference– a four-day gathering focused on dismantling racism and white supremacy.

FGC also plans and holds retreats to create opportunities for:

  • Learning and healing from racism
  • Sharing experiences of the impact of racism
  • Community building
  • Worshipping together around the issues arising from the impact of racism

The annual FGC Gathering:

Invite a Visitor to Help your Meeting Challenge Racism

To request a visitor or workshop to support your meeting in addressing racism, please email or

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